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Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website

Whether you’ve developed an e-commerce or digital marketing website, all your efforts can be useless if nobody identifies your website online. Though you’ve launched the best product, without proper advertisement, nobody will get to know about your website. Just because you’ve created a website using GoDaddy doesn’t mean that you’re visible to everyone.

If you want to get recognized by everyone across the world? Then keep an eye on promoting your website. Every day a new technology has been introduced and thereby there are several ways to promote your website. The happiest thing is, they cost nothing. Yes, you heard it right. If you want to know the secret behind the free promotion, stick here.

Following are hand-picked ways to promote your website for free

Concentrate more on website SEO

Whether you’re a newbie or expert, you might have heard about SEO several times. Many people states – SEO can generate better results in terms of traffic and ROI. This statement is absolutely true. In simple terms, SEO is ruling the business world.

Driving traffic and conversion through organic search is a dream for every business. It’s no secret more than 51% of traffic to many websites comes from ‘Organic search results’. The major reasons why every business prefers organic results among the paid result is – Organic traffic doesn’t cost money. Paid results can be text ads, video ads or banner ads. A user visits their website by tapping on the advertisements. These ads can cost maximum money.

At the initial stage, you need to gather keywords for your related industry. There are few keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, Kwfinder, etc. Use this software and collect short, long and medium tail keywords. Always try to concentrate on keywords with less competition and more search frequency. Create a blog post and insert the keywords in your content. It’s great if you add keywords in meta title, meta description and headings. Promoting your website through SEO is a great way to generate organic results.

Social media marketing

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a social media account? Nobody right. Nowadays, right from student to a senior citizen, everyone is having an account on social media. The key players for social media are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Generally, social media profiles are used to connect with people across the globe. Even business is making the great use of social media platforms to connect with their prospects and customers.

Create your business profile on social media and connect with your customer frequently is the perfect way to promote your website. Whenever you interact with your customer more often, you can generate instant results.

Leave your footprints on several social media platform. Promoting your website on every social media can reach the audience in a short period. When you’re on every social media platform, then your customers imagine you’re a brand is trusted. Also, feel free to connect and place an order with you.

Search engine listing

Have you ever heard it before about search engine listing? Of course Yes right. Listing on a search engine is a pretty easy and simple way to generate traffic to your blog or website. All you need to do is – submit unique and relevant content to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Therefore your content can be indexed by search engines. Many popular search engines offer this service for free. Also, this can be an initial step whenever you want to add the content or digital media to your website.

Reciprocal linking

Reciprocal linking sounds like an extraordinary deal in SEO.

Backlink plays an important role in SEO. Everyone must agree with this factor. A quality backlink can influence your website to the next level. These backlinks work in the form of recommendations from several websites. As a result, your customers can find additional information by clicking on the link. While linking you’re website make sure you link to a high authorized website. Whenever you link high-quality backlinks to your website, the higher you rank on SEO.

A reciprocal link is defined as a link given between two related websites. Because these sites handle related content or provide complementary products. The reciprocal link can help their visitors with maximum information. Whenever a visitor gained complete knowledge of a particular product or service. The chances can be high to place an order. Ultimately, you can generate traffic and conversion.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective approach to promote your website. Grow your website through email marketing and generate maximum profits. Email marketing is like a ‘tired-and-true’ way to communicate with business prospects and customers. Before sending an email, always seek permission from your customer. If they accept your request, then start sharing your content.

Compose an email whenever you launch a new product. Also, you can promote on-going discount and coupons to remind your customers.

  • Send personalized offers and coupons specific groups
  • Compose a seasonal offer – NewYear and Christmas
  • Include a call-to-action button to create urgency

Hurray!!! It’s time to entice your potential customers with on-going sales and discounts to generate extra revenue to your website.


If you’re a digital marketer, then you can truly understand the importance of blogging. Promote your website in an amazing way by integrating unique and effective post in it. Writing a blog post can be a daunting task, you need proper research about the top. Followed by related keywords and backlinks.

Write a blog post that is well-optimized according to SEO guidelines. Want your visitors to stick around? Then you need to impress with well-structured content and don’t forget to include images, videos and gif files. By providing related and authentic content you can build loyal readers.

Once you have mastered writing a blog post. Now it’s time to search for a niche in your market. For example, if you’re selling mobile phones, then look for others who are selling phones in the market. Visit their website and look whether they’re accepting the guest post or not. If you find a particular website is accepting guest posting.

Write a post with respect to their guidelines. Your post should impress them. Create a blogpost that is effective and send the blog post to them. Make sure to add your website link in the blog post. With the link, you can generate traffic to your website.

Create attractive infographics

Many websites don’t pay much attention to infographics. This is where they’re moving on the wrong side. Infographics are highly sharable content on the internet. Creating an attractive infographic can be a difficult task, but you cannot just neglect infographic like everyone. If you really want to promote your website then spend some time and create infographics related to your niche.

Infographics are the best source to earn a backlink to your website. If you feel difficult while creating infographics, then use online tools such as inforgr.am, canva, snappa and more. These are popular tools to create infographics easily. Whenever you’re designing effective infographics to your website, note your audience. Create an infographic that can be accessible to every user.


How do you feel when your customer leaves your website without placing an order? A frustrating moment for every business owner right. Don’t worry!!! You can get back your customers to your website again by implementing ‘Retargeting’.

Retargeting is an effective branding optimization approach. It is also called “Remarketing”. It’s a kind of online advertisements. Generally, with the help of ads, you can keep your brand in front of potential customers. Retargeting is completely a “Cookie-based” technology. By integrating simple javascript to anonymously “follow” your customers around the internet.

Focus on creating quality content

Content is king!!! In general, content is referred to as any information or images on your site – from your About Us webpage to your brand logo.

Content marketing is well-known as an inbound strategy. Creating valuable content is important for every website to improve its ranking. Write content that people prefer to read and share on their own profiles.

Every business creates a blog post, press release, emails, ebooks, etc to entertain their potential audience in an effort to acquire and retain new and existing customers.

  • Create unique and sharable content.
  • Focus more on “how to” and “top 10” articles.
  • Create content for your audiences, not for search engines.
  • Never ever deceive your audience.

Types of content

  • Supportive content: As the name suggests, it can help people to clearly understand the specific topic from scratch.
  • Marketing content: This type of content refers to pre-selling your products or services. Marketing content can be used by e-commerce websites.
  • Industry based content: Developing content with respect to a specific niche. It includes clothing, travel, mobiles, pets, etc.
  • Research articles: Advanced and in-depth knowledge about the topic.
  • Optimized content: Include keywords in your content and make search engines happy.

Online directories and review sites

Whether you’ve just launched a website a few minutes ago or one year ago, you need to add your website in online directories and review sites. There are few popular websites such as Yellow pages, Yelp, Google My Business, Software Advice, TripAdvisor, GetApp and more. Submit your website URL on every site and increase brand awareness. Additionally, generate maximum traffic to your website.

Final Thoughts

Building an extraordinary website is just the beginning of your success. You spend a month developing and days on testing the product. If you feel like you’re job is done just by building a website, then you’re on a wrong way. Apart from creating a website, there are many areas to focus on. One of the key areas is “Promoting your website to the world”. Promoting your website doesn’t cost much money. Additionally, follow the mentioned technique and promote your website in a simple way. Implement one after the other and improve traffic, leads and ROI.

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