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10 Human Resource Software for Ecommerce Businesses

The human resource department has proven to be important in the corporate world. Currently, people are working remotely and virtually, which means the human resource department needs to utilize highly efficient software to manage the employees.

If there is an employment opportunity, you can post the job on Search Remotely. The human resource software you use should also ensure you have access to performance reviews, recruitment, training, and employee onboarding. Such features ensure your organization can grow progressively instead of being stagnant.

Below are the best human resource software for e-commerce businesses:

1. Saba TalentSpace

This HR software reinforces and recognizes employee performance using criteria such as learning and development, performance management, leadership, and succession. The software also offers different solutions depending on the requirements of your company and the challenges affecting different industries.

2. GoCo

This is a HR software that is easy to use, and it can automate different processes, including employee onboarding, payroll delivery, and PTO. The platform is secure, and it can be used to store confidential documents.

3. OrangeHRM

This is a HR software that provides cloud infrastructure, and its pricing model is pay-per-employee. The platform is scalable, and the customer support is outsourced. It is affordable, and e-commerce businesses prefer it since it can be customized.

4. Skilo

Skilo usually streamlines the process of managing the employees. Using this software, a firm can plan, review, and come up with goals that will guarantee optimum results.

5. BambooHR

This HR software offers a cloud-based system that can be used to manage and track important employee information in the system. It is affordable, and it has a mobile application option. The installation process is easy, and the customer support is organized.

6. Odoo ERP

This is a HR software that can be customized. It helps to reduce manual effort and also automate different processes through the automation of methodologies. Despite the budget and size of your firm, Odoo ensures that all business functions are present in one place to ensure that the teams in a company can collaborate well.

7. People HR

People HR can handle processes such as personnel tracking, performance reviews, and applicant tracking. It also ensures that all records are kept up to date, which means businesses will not have to spend much time managing and creating job profiles for each employee.

8. Sage People

This HR software ensures a company can make smarter decisions. Different tasks can be automated, and it is easy to create new workflows. Through Sage People, it is easy to come up with employee engagement activities through user insights present in the huge cloud-based database.

9. BrioHR

This HR software ensures you can digitize different processes, including ATS and recruitment. The support is also live, and the software is affordable.

10. Zoho People

If you have five employees or less, you can use Zoho People for free. The monthly charges will depend on the number of employees in your company. Using this HR software, you can view attendance reports, modify personal information, view balances, and leave reports, among other essential features.


Human resource software helps to ensure that different processes can be handled in a straightforward manner. Repetitive and manual tasks can be scheduled, and confidential information can also be stored securely using the human resource software meant for e-commerce businesses.

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10 Human Resource Software for Ecommerce Businesses

The human resource department has proven to be important in the corporate world. Currently, people are working remotely and virtually, which means...