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Best Electronic Signature Apps

Signing the documents is a time-consuming process. Sometimes you tend to become tardy and delay the process of signing the documents but you need to do it to confirm your deals. Gone are the days for manual signatures. Now, in the era of updated technology, there are many electronic signature apps available online. It is the quick and effortless way of signing the documents. Moreover, you can go paperless with electronic signature apps.

What does an electronic signature app do?

It is a digital mark that indicates your agreement for a contract. Have you ever signed on courier’s boy mobile? If yes, that is what an electronic signature. 

An electronic signature app will ensure to secure and verify the signatures. These are in contrast to digital signatures. 

Bid goodbye to the paperwork and go digital with the electronic signature apps. No waiting, get your documents signed on the spot. In fact, e-signatures streamlines the process of how business work.

Benefits of e- signature apps

  • Time and cost-saving
  • User convenience
  • Remote access
  • Legal recognition
  • Verified and secured signatures
  • Managed by certifying authorities
  • Ensured privacy
  • Compatible with any device

Software providers present additional security by two-step verification, authentication and audits.

Do you want one for yourself?

Here are the 10 electronic signature apps that can be used in your business.

1. Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign is a complete signature app that you need. Manage your documents and securely sign despite the place. Sign effortlessly and share the signed documents through an email or get the files to sign. Moreover, you can also share the documents requesting a sign. It offers topmost security and encrypts that ensures data security. 

Zoho compiles with the e-signature laws like ESIGN and eIDAS. Organize the signed documents that are sent to multiple recipients. Have control on how will sign and receive the documents.

Track each step of the signature process with its comprehensive audit trail. Get notified whenever a document is signed. Customize your templates because that can save you some time and money. Do not forget about your brand. Embed brand logos and emails across the documents. Add multiple recipients, expiration date and set a signing order. Send a reminder for your recipients to sign the documents. 

You can also integrate with your regular apps and Zoho offers you a REST API’s which will help you manage the document directly from the apps and website you use.

Zoho sign is compatible both on windows and mobile.


A free version is available which is used by a single user

  • Standard – 600/user/month
  • Professional – 900/user/month
  • Enterprise – 1200/user/month

2. PandaDoc

Send and collect signatures on any device. Automate the signature process and collect the signatures on any device with a click. PandaDoc is secured and compiled with the ESIGN and UETA by the European Union regulation trust service. 

The files are transferred securely with the encrypted links. For the spot, deal confirmation gets the documents signed in person when the meeting is going on. 

Pandadoc is available as a mobile and desktop version. Effortlessly integrate with the CRM tools, Google drive and docs that you incorporate in your business. 

It will help your sales team to track the contracts and records of the documents that are viewed and signed. Its drag and drop feature can reduce their time to spend on the documents and invest in finding new prospects. 


  • Esig team – $25/month
  • Business – $49/month

3. SignNow

SignNow presents a wide range of features that presents a wide variety of features that enhances document processing. It automates the workflow and satisfies the needs of both consumers and enterprises. 


  • Customize your workflow according to your needs
  • It is compatible with any device and works with any operating system
  • Integrate with other business apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, G-Suite and Google Drive


  • Business – $8/month
  • Business premium – $15/month
  • Enterprise – Quote a price

4. SignRequest

SignRequest is a simple, affordable and easy to use the software. It tailors the user-friendly solutions provides digitally signing services for you and your customers. Stack all the signed documents in one place. You can integrate your electronic signature API with your CRM. Save resources with secured legal binding. It provides high-quality legality with the “wet signatures. 


  • Professional – € 7/ user/month
  • Business –  € 4/ 5-10 users/month

5. DocuSign

Prepare the documents, sign and manage to deliver an impeccable experience for your customers as well as your employees. Easily automate the agreement process and you can do business from anywhere. DocuSign provides high-quality protection and ensures that the information is safely processed within all the channels. 

Not only the signature, but it also allows your clients to prepare the documents, collect signatures and get in-person signatures from any device. You can assemble, secure and validate the signer’s data.


  • Collaborate
  • Prepare a carbon copy
  • Authentication with biometric
  • Advancecorrection
  • Compliant with ESIGN


  • Personal – $10/year/user
  • Standard – $25/year/user
  • Business Pro – $40/year/user

6. RightSignature

RightSignature will provide you drag and drop feature that enables you to easily upload the documents that you want to sign. Furthermore, it will guide a signer through the document and therefore there reducing the errors and exclusions.  View and sign the document from anywhere. You can also meld it with the apps that you regularly use. Unlike any other apps, you can use an API to integrate with other apps. 

To make it clear, attach your logo, colours, and a photo of your company. It provides vast security services with audit logs, biometric, and 256-bit encryption. Electronic signatures exhibit the same legality as manual signatures. Additional features from the right feature will help you manage the finances, accounting and more.


  • Personal- $12/month
  • Business – #60/month
  • Additional – $9/month

7. esign+

Esign+ is a software that is suitable for both small and medium business. This software will complete the robust document work in the simplest way. To ensure the safety of the documents, it provides security with password protection and encryption.

Esign+ is a cloud-based software and can be used for the and so it supports the web devices. This is accessible to users at any time. The software uses SSL protocol encryption to guard the data. Read and edit the document before signing them. 


  • Signatures are legally binding
  • Document management
  • Audit logs
  • Get real-time notifications
  • Customized dashboards
  • Two-factor authentication process


  • It is free software

For additional benefits switch to 

  • Premium – $6.99/user/year
  • Enterprise – $154.34/2 users/year

8. Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a digital as well as an electronic signature app. It is a cloud-based signature app where you can sign and share the files with your team. The signatures are legally binded. Customize your workflows and remind your recipients with notifications to sign the document. 


  • Multi-layered security with the PKI cryptograph technology
  • Access to the premium features regardless of the price
  • Confirm your signatures with video confirmation


  • Get unlimited signatures, invites and templates
  • Video confirmation
  • Log audits
  • Track reports
  • Two-step verification
  • Integrate with your regular apps


Electronic signature apps are so handy to use. A signature on the document is of great value. A paper value increases with just a signature. You can use them and lock the deal from where ever you. Opt for a signature app and make your business journey even more easy and interesting.

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