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Top 8 E-commerce Platforms

Planning to start an e-commerce business? That’s a great idea. What could be you’re the first move apart from gathering the capital? Think… It’s choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business. Seriously it’s a challenging decision that may have an impact on present and future.

Every business has different requirement depending upon their users, services, products, sales volume and other factors to consider. If you’re a newbie to the e-commerce industry, it could be hard to manage everything. It will be a daunting task to select e-commerce software for you. No more worries!!! This article will surely help you out to finding the best e-commerce software.

What is an e-commerce platform?

The e-commerce platform will enable you to create powerful storefronts. A storefront works differently for business and customer. A business will showcase their products and services. Besides, the customer will buy from the storefronts.

Key characteristics of e-commerce software

  • Run-on a unified platform
  • Give a 360-degree consumer view
  • Wisely managing orders
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences
  • Assistance unlimited expansion

An e-commerce software provides every key organization functions and integrates into one solution. This software offers improved collaboration, align all operational procedures and provides detailed analytics & reporting around the business.


Have you ever heard about the brand name – Shopify? Many times right. Shopify is one of the best e-commerce software made for every business. Start your dream journey here, you can find a well-suited business name. Shop for business domain and build a powerful brand by using effective tools. 

By using Shopify, you can sell products or services to anyone around the globe. Sell on various marketplaces and social media. Market your business with built-in tools. With these tools, you can build, analyze and execute the campaigns (Google, Instagram Facebook). By using one dashboard you can manage everything under a few simple clicks such as ordering, shipping, transaction, viewing customer’s information anywhere and anytime. Also, gain the analytics and insights you require to grow.

Pricing: Shopify basic plan starts at $29 per month.


Want to rank high on a search engine? You need to focus on SEO. 3DCart is a leading eCommerce tool for search engine optimization. Build an effective online e-commerce portal that can rank top on all search engines. When your website ranks on top, you drive maximum traffic and sales.

3DCart can improve your business in multiple ways. The bursting features of 3DCart will improve conversion rates. It includes mobile-ready themes, upgraded SEO standards, designing a personalized e-commerce store, etc.

  • All-in-one hosted eCommerce software
  • Convert more by access to various tools like coupons and discounts. With amazing deals, you can convert a visitor to a happy customer.
  • Minimize hassle and maximize your sales with an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • 3DCart is a powerful SEO friendly e-commerce platform. It ensures every part of your site is well-optimized.


Whether you’re running a fashion or mobile selling websites? Volusion is the best tool for you.

When you impress customers with a smart theme, automatically the first impression can lead to a sale. Hence by creating a responsive theme and powerful website builder, you can build an effective store. The great news is – No code required. You don’t need to be a software developer to create responsive themes. Here Volusion will take care of everything.

Selling your products and services can be done easily. Also, you can connect Volusion with your favourite tools such as PayPal, FedEx, Stripe and more. Boost your sales with in-build SEO tools, newsletter, customer relationship management system.

Pricing: Try Volusion for free – 14 days. Volusion personal plan starts at $29 per month.


Weebly is a powerful web-hosting software that is specially designed to build a website, blog and e-commerce portal.

How do you feel when you find the required thing for FREE? Super happy right. By using Weebly, you can build a website for free. Yes, you heard it right. Create a website with no cost and grow your business. Also, gain control to access amazing personalized themes and SEO tools to drive more sales.

Within a few simple clicks, you can build a free website or blog to help you get discovered. You can build a strong customer base.

  • Get going: With step-by-step instruction by an expert, you can have a clear idea about the build and launch a blog or website.
  • Get online: Get discovered with an expert blog or website. Also, with free website builder at Weebly, you can customize everything easily.
  • Get selling: One-stop-destination for e-commerce software to simplify order management, transaction, shipping, etc.
  • Get growing: Gain new users with integrated marketing software.

Pricing: Enjoy Weebly basic plan for free. Weebly connect starts at $5 per month.


Squarespace is a popular CMS and e-commerce software available today. It was founded in 2004. Squarespace had served more than 1.3 million blogs and website. This software offers an integrated e-commerce software beside their powerful in-build website builder. There is no shortage of amazing themes and templates. Explore the stunning design and choose the best one. You don’t need to pay additional transaction fees. Connect with PayPal or Connect Strip and process your payments.

Trusted by everyone across the world. Squarespace empowers a user with a high-quality idea to reach success. Whether your an entrepreneur, photographer, musicians or a fashion designer – Squarespace is the best choice for you. Squarespace offers everything that requires to run your business. Engage with your potential customers with effective marketing tools available. Right from search to marketing on social media.

Pricing: Squarespace personal plan starts at $12 per month.


Are you looking for a free website builder? Then Wix is the best e-commerce platform for you. Create a website for FREE within few simple clicks. No matter whether you’re marketing your products or starting a new blog – Wix website builder will do for you.

  • Customize your website – Choose a quality template and personalize accordingly.
  • Add advanced features – starting a new blog. Create a website and start accepting bookings from customers.
  • Optimize for search engines – This can be done easily. Give an answer to the questions asked. The question can be a website, location, links, keywords, LSA and get a preplanning SEO plan to rank high.
  • Manage and grow – Everything can be possible with Wix. By using Wix website builder you can build and manage website accordingly.

How to build a free website or blog at Wix?

  1. Register for a free website builder at Wix. Select the type of website that you would like to create.
  2. Customize a quality template. Select your starting point.
  3. You can drag & drop thousands of design features easily. Also, you can enter text, galleries, audio, videos, gif and more.
  4. Hurray!!! Here you go. Get ready for your online business. Now add your online store, members section and blog.
  5. Publish your website or blog and go live. Advertise your products or services on your web. Rise building your expert online presence.
  6. It’s time to generate traffic and leads to your website. Implement advanced SEO techniques and strategies with SEO tools & integrated marketing solutions.


Worried about security threats while creating a blog? BigCommerce is the solution for you. It is a popular new era of e-commerce for small and large brands. BigCommerce offers high-quality SaaS solution. By integrating SaaS, you need not be worried about security & scalability. BigCommerce is an open SaaS tool that offers you with high-class integration, powerful APIs, webhooks and more. Also, tracking every moment can be done within few simple steps.

Create differentiated e-commerce experiences regardless of your existing situation. Bigcommerce can bring your website forward flexibly. 

BigCommerce offers with extra-ordinary storefront design such as

  • Theme customization
  • Checkout personalization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Preview before publishing
  • WordPress integration

Sell your products and service anywhere and anytime with BigCommerce. 

Pricing: Connect to BigCommerce and get information about personal and business pricing scale.


Looking for ready-made service to build and maintain your business. PrestaShop is the go-to e-commerce tool for you. It is an open-source PHP platform based on CMS and e-commerce, together used to develop a website.

Build and manage your online business with leading PrestaShop today. No matter whether you’re looking to create a home page or shipping cart, PrestaShop has a solution for everyone’s requirements.

With effective PrestaShop features, you can create a website and improve your business.

Customize your store – Select your favourite colour, logo and theme from a wide range of professional themes.

Improve your business – Manage every product and services, purchases, consumer relationship and analysis.

Attract visitors – Create unique and share your content on various social media platforms, website and blog.

Sell across the globe – When you’re globally connected, your website will be visible for various location. Your business has no boundaries.

Pricing: PrestaShop basic plan starts at $50 per month.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the digital world!!! Day by day a new technology is been introducing in the e-commerce market. Many businesses are adopting new software to improve their business. Whether you’re planning to start a business or already established a brand, this e-commerce software will help you out in many ways. Depending upon your business requirement choose the perfect e-commerce platform for you.

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