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How to Use Facebook to Drive Revenue for Business

Whether you’re running a coffee shop or e-commerce portal, you just can’t promote products or services on your official sites. If you want to improve your traffic and leads, then you need to use various social media platforms.

Is there anybody who’s unaware of Facebook? Nobody right!!! As per the analysis, 53% of business entrepreneur state they’re active on social media.

There are billions of small and large business, connect with their business prospects on Facebook. Don’t you agree? Yes!!! Using Facebook for communication and promoting your products and services is ease.

Make connections that matter

As per the analysis, 2 million users use Facebook each month to interact with their friends and family members. People share and discover incredible things that really matter. Business uses Facebook to find new consumers and establish a long-lasting relationship.

Facebook helps you with complete information about your next consumers. The platform offers robust audience selection tools. These tools can help to display your ads to users who are exactly looking for similar products or services.

Have you ever heard about Facebook Core Audience? It is the best feature that helps you to choose the perfect recipients for your campaign within a few clicks. Display your ad as per your preference i.e user age, educational qualification, location, gender, hobbies and etc. Facebook can help you to interact with the users who are showing interest in your products or services.

Accomplish company goals and objectives

Facebook is the best solution to accomplish your company goals. It gives you a chance to select your goal and offers tools can help in multiple ways like

Build brand awareness: It helps to boost your presence online.

Promote your business app: Digital marketing helps you to drive maximum installs and user engagement.

Grow sales online: You can turn online shoppers into loyal customers through Facebook ads. These are used to increase the number of conversions.

Increase in-shop visits: Want more visits to your local shop? Facebook helps to connect with your online marketing and turns your efforts towards your physical shop.

Generate maximum leads: Facebook creates interest among customers and generates more conversions.

Retarget existing customers: Never ignore existing customers. Facebook helps to get connected with already existing customers. Customer retention is important for any business success.

Facebook pages

It’s no secret, the Facebook page is a buzz term in the Facebook world. Facebook pages help users to interact with your organization. They strongly establish your online presence on Facebook. Therefore, users can find your business products or services. If users are likely to get connected with you when their interests get matched.

Stop wasting your time!!! Create an eye-catching Facebook page for your business. It’s no just creating a page, it’s all about creating a beautiful online home for business.

Setting up your business page on Facebook is free. Creating Facebook doesn’t require much time. It just takes a few minutes to create a beautiful Facebook page. Over 2 billion users can discover your products or services. Think your Facebook page as a visual shopfront.

Grow your Facebook page by inviting friends, family members and customers. Besides, you can run Facebook ads to get maximum page likes. 

Many multiple aspects of your organization with Facebook pages. These pages can help the user to find customers about you and also stay in touch.

Keep your users updated about your brand. Start posting your products or services on the page. It’s the best way to increase engagement. Also, keep your customer interested with your brand products, information, event notification, promotions and more.

If you want to reach maximum people with a Facebook page, opt for page promotions. Reach a wide range of audience through boosted posts.

Facebook page is used to connect customers with your business products or services. It helps to drive maximum transaction through personalizing the type of business. On the other hand, you can also schedule client appointments or generate traffic to your website. Also, encourage customers by providing your app link to download.

How can you impress your customers?

The answer is here. Offer amazing customer service!!! Customers can interact with your brand through Messenger. Most of the people who are using Facebook are often on Messenger. It’s a convenient approach to provide a solution for a customer’s query.

Facebook page is also used to post an open job. Yes, you heard it right. Now, it’s easier to reach qualified candidates for your job position on Facebook. Start posting your job opportunities for free.

Share offer, coupons and discounts!!!

If you’re running an e-commerce website. Earning traffic can be a daunting task for you. But, when introducing coupons and offers on your products, the revenue gets doubled. Can’t believe right? Yes, the business page will help you to share coupons, sales, and discounts. It also helps to get back existing customers. As a result, generate maximum revenue from existing and new customers.

Facebook ads

If you’re a newbie to this business world, then you should understand the importance of Facebook ads. These ads can work proactively to reach new users. In general, running a successful Facebook ad is an initial step to interact with new customers.

Targeting future customers is now easy and simple with Facebook ads. Creating a Facebook ad can be done within a few clicks. Also, you can create and run a Facebook campaign using pre-defined tools. These inbuilt tools help to track the performance of the campaign. Generates reports in an easy-to-read format, therefore any common person can understand by viewing the report.

Do you know, over 1.6 billion users around the world are connected to business on Facebook? Amazing right!!! If you want to drive maximum conversions, then keep an eye on Facebook ads.

Step-by-step process to create a Facebook ad

Choose your objective: Before choosing the objective for your campaign, you need to select the options provided by campaigns. The questions can be “what’s the important outcome?” It depends on your goals, that can be sales, traffic, downloads, improve brand awareness and more. Choose the right option with respect to your business goals.

Select your target audience: Research, analyze and understand about your target audience should be your prior goal. Define who would you like to display your ads. Choose custom audience, location, age, gender and languages. If you want to build the best campaign, then select demographics and interest of the customers.

Decide when and where to display your ad. Whether you would like to run a campaign on Facebook, Messanger and Instagram. You can display ad across all the platforms too. Also, you can select to display ads on specific smartphone devices.

Budget and scheduling is an important step. Set your budget, ranges from daily to lifetime. Don’t forget to schedule your ad, you can set a start and end date for your campaign.

Choose a format, Facebook provides 6 ad formats. Pick the best one according to your convenience. These versatile formats are designed to work perfectly on all the devices. Also, you can select to display a single image, single video or slideshow.

If you feel everything is perfect on your Facebook campaign, click on the submit button. Hurray!!! You have successfully placed an order. Now, it undergoes to ad auction, it helps to get in front of the right people.

If you think your job is done after creating a Facebook campaign, then your absolutely wrong. Analysing, measuring and managing your Facebook ad is important. Whenever you’re running an ad, you can effectively track the performance of ad in Ads Manager.

Video ads

Watching video is always fun for many people. Businesses are constantly concentrating on providing the best video to their target audience. Facebook helps to find various ways to inspire your audience with video. Video ads are the best way to reimagine the approach you reach your target audience.

Every business is different!!! Therefore Facebook offers every video ad for all types of businesses with respect to their budget and goal. Whether you would like to create your first video ad or next to a large campaign, you can get the perfect video solution at Facebook. Also, you can know where your videos are been displayed. Also, find tips, tactics and recommendations from Facebook experts.

It’s time to create your first ad on Facebook. Creating a video ad with a campaign is easy. Reach your target audience with attractive videos you already have. Sometimes you can select from free stock pictures.

Slideshow: Create an engaging video through images or text. If you want video in a realistic way, you can add your own images.

Stories: Your can turn already existing video to ready-made ads with pre-defined templates in Ads Manager.

Boost a post: Get maximum reach from a larger audience by boosting your post.

The innovation of videos at Facebook is shaping the roots in the marketing world. Tell your story through augmented reality. Now you can interact with your business with an exceptional video experience.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is a popular marketing channel for every business. If you want to drive traffic, views and conversions, then use Facebook as the prior marketing channel. Follow the above-mentioned tips while promoting your brand on Facebook. Start earning customers and conversions!!!

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