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10 Email marketing Benefits for your business

Marketing is undeniably the most important aspect leading to the growth or collapse of your business. The goal of each and every business owner is to attract new customers to their business at the same time keeping the existing customers’ loyalty. Managing both could be very difficult especially when you are clueless about what to do. One thing for sure is that you need to invest a lot of your time and resources in them to keep them from leaving you. But let’s be honest here. Who has that kind of time to address each and every customer and prospect individually? Like everyone else, you might also be looking for a quick fix to these marketing strategies that eats up most dollars of your business funding.

Just a quick fix isn’t enough anymore, you need your marketing strategy to be effective and more importantly, should bring you more returns on your investment. Is there such a marketing strategy that could bring you the results you want? If you are looking for one such strategy, you should consider Email Marketing for your business. Not only is it effective but also offers you more benefits than any other marketing strategy. Let’s stick until the end of the article and find out more about email marketing and the benefits it could bring to your business.

Low Cost

First and foremost, the money. Yes!! You could save yourself a lot of your marketing funds when you choose to go with email marketing. It costs you a lot less than other forms of marketing. You could save all the money you spend on printing and advertising. You don’t pay for the postage here nor on the magazines or billboards. You could make your way directly into your customer’s inboxes without paying much. You might have to spend some dollars or pounds on the software and automation, but it is far less than what you would spend on other marketing channels.

High ROI

Most business owners would go to any lengths to see to it that they are investing their money in the right place. When it comes to marketing, every penny you spend is important as you are spending it to bring more exposure to your brand and also to attract customers towards your products. You would know that you are investing in the right place only when it brings you returns on your investment. Lucky for you, email marketing brings the highest returns on investment among all the other marketing strategies.  If you are looking for an exact number (you would be you did), email marketing could bring you about 122% returns on investment. Yes! You read it right and it definitely is not a typo. You are looking at the real numbers now. And that alone should be enough for you to choose email marketing over others.

Mail Merge

Not only does the email marketing brings you high Returns on Investment, but It also lets you address each of your customers personally. Nothing beats a letter addressed specifically to the person, it gives them a sense of personalisation that most marketing strategies lack. How many ever things other marketing strategies might do, but they don’t for sure address each of your prospects individually. Email marketing enables you to do so using mail merge. With mail merge, you can include the personal information in the newsletter to make it seem like it is addresses to them individually. With mail merge, you can create a batch of documents from the data source with placeholders that tell the software where exactly in the newsletter should the details be included. So when you send out a mass email using mail merge you can address each one of your subscribers individually with name and the information specific to the individual.

Targeted messages

Would you like to waste your money on the people that are not interested in your brand? No one would. Because that doesn’t bring any good to your business. With email marketing, you can do more than just deliver messages targeting the ones interested in your brand. You can segment your subscribers based on their interests, locality, shopping behaviour, activity and many more aspects and send them the content personalised for them. No one likes receiving unrelated content and the content that they are not interested in. You can make sure that your customers are receiving the content they signed up for with email marketing.

Drives Revenue

Email marketing is a great way of taking advantage of the impulse buying behaviour of your customers. With a tempting offer at your side, you can literally make a conversion within a couple of clicks. According to a report, it is found that email marketing messages are behind 66 per cent of consumers making a purchase. You can get up to $44 return on each dollar you spend on email marketing. To boost the sales and drive your revenue make sure you insert a call to action option and a link to check out in your email.

Instant Impact

Another benefit of email marketing that is not offered by other marketing strategies is that you can see the instant impact of the mail you send out. The email you send out to your subscribers will be delivered to them immediately and starts bringing in results instantly.  If you add a bit of urgency to the offers it would bring you more results in lesser time. For example, you could include live sales that end in hours and if they miss the sale in that hour, you can send out an email again giving them another chance to claim the offer, or you can introduce a limited time sale like the one that lasts for 24 hours or 2 days. This creates a sense of urgency in the customers and makes them act on it quickly.

Email automation

Email automation is another brilliant benefit of email marketing. With the emails automated now, you can reduce the number of hours your employees work on sending emails and utilise those employee hours on some other tasks. You can create relevant and personalised emails for your prospects and customers and schedule a time and other conditions when met send out the email automatically with pre-approved content. This could save you a lot of time and effort and bring you better results too.

Easily sharable

Not only does email marketing helps you draw the attention of your customers and prospects, but it also helps you reach their friends and family too. Wondering how? Unlike others, emails are delivered directly to their inboxes. That means you deliver the offers they might like to the fingertips of your prospects and customers. If they like the offer, they could easily share the offer with their friends and family with a click. You could also offer them referral bonuses to boost the process.

Analyse and Track Activity

When you use print marketing or the others you are mostly out of the loop. This means, from sending out the pamphlets and advertisements to the customer making a purchase, you are mostly clueless about what is happening out there. With email marketing software you can now track and analyse the reports of the whole process, you can track how many people opened the email how many people visited the website from the email, how many people made a purchase from it and many more things. Tracking and analysing these reports gives you a scope to improve your email designs and your approach to the ones that could bring you better results at the same time you can see how the current one is performing.

Better Communication

A strong relationship between the customer and the business is important for the growth of any business. A strong and healthy relationship can only be built through better communication. Regularly communicating with your customers and checking in with them with the latest and customised offers could build a great relationship between you and your customers. With email marketing, you can make sure that no customer is left out of the list and also deliver them the information they want to receive. You can set emails to wish each customer on their special days and bring them offers on the products they are interested in using web tracking.

In Conclusion

Email marketing is one of the best things made possible in the history of marketing. It delivers every benefit that marketers want from their strategies at a lower cost. You could reach your target audience, build a relationship with them, keep their loyalty, boost your sales and revenue, get high returns and many more from a single channel. This is a dream come true for business owners. This is a win-win for both the businesses and the consumers as it is preferred by both factions for the level of comfort and convenience it offers both of them.

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