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10 Best Mass Email Marketing Winning Tips for your Business

No matter what, email campaigns are always the best and effective marketing strategies to grow your sales and business to new heights. Email marketing not only helps in converting leads but also brings the businesses closer to the people. Wondering how? It is people who opted to receive your emails and hear from you, right? So, newsletters, promotion emails, new product launches, and so on can be conveyed personally to the subscribers’ inboxes directly. If they are interested, they will open the emails and visit your site to perform the action, else they will simply ignore it. You are not forcing any random people to make your business, but the interested people who are ready and willing to know about you.

Though new strategies such as social media marketing and influential marketing are growing big, the importance of email marketing hadn’t or won’t fade away anytime soon. An average open rate of email campaigns is more than 17% if done correctly. Meaning, you have high chances of boosting your business through the right email marketing strategies. This is the reason why mass email marketing has gained that huge importance. Most of the businesses are already running their mass email marketing campaigns and enjoying the fruits out of them. 

But it is not easy to win with mass email marketing campaigns, it is not impossible either. As you are sending your stuff to a lot of people at once, there are chances that it might not work. The reason is simple, all the people in your subscriber list are not the same, their tastes, preferences, and behavior differ a lot. So, you need to be extra careful when sending mass emails. You can easily send using Gmail Mass Mail. Else you will lose both reputation and money (as most businesses use email marketing tools for running email campaigns, which are not free).

Sending mails to every person can take a lot of effort. So spending too much time on one task is not good. By using mail merge, you can reduce on both time and money. Mail merge makes easy to send emails easy and quick. You can easily send using mail merge with GMass.

So here are 10 best winning tips to make your mass email marketing campaigns successful. Following the below tips, you can definitely gain a lot for your business.

Top 10 Mass Email Marketing Tips for your Business

Send Simple & Short Emails

When running a new campaign, people become overexcited to put all their creative skills in a single email during the initial period. If you fall into the same category, then you need to stop doing this immediately. Instead it is beneficial if you maintain consistency. Promotional emails should always be simple, clear, and short as no one will find interest to read a long story in their gmails. People only search and look at the key points in the emails as they open their inbox in their breaks. People rarely allot time to read their emails due to busy schedules. So, you need to value their time by sending short and sweet emails.

Always try to include less number of images or links and short content. Simplicity always works. You do not need to design your emails full of images, videos, and links to impress the audience. Following a simple design will always keep you on the safe side. As no one will unsubscribe just because you annoyed them with too much decoration.

Offer Benefits for them Too

Agreed, you are running the mass email campaigns to turn your subscribers into your customers, which is purely a benefit for you. But what do your customers benefit from it? Nothing, right?

Before you send the emails calling them to take action, ask yourself why should your subscribers turn to you when they have no benefits with you. Makes sense, right? So, offer them something such as a discount or free trial or some reward points. Especially if you are sending emails to the fresh list. Businesses that offer win-win have greater chances to win.

Send Emails at Right Time

You need to strategically schedule the day and time when sending the mass emails. Sending an interesting email at the wrong time gives you no results. So, research when your audiences are more active and more likely to open their inboxes. Such as in most parts of the world, the open rate is high between Monday to Wednesday post-lunch. So, try not to send your emails on peak hours so that they won’t get dropped in the hundreds of unopened emails list.

Lure with Subject Line

Words do magic, and that’s true in email marketing. Write short, catchy, and inspiring subject lines. This boosts the open rate of your emails. However, you need to keep your subject lines related to the content inside. But don’t speak the whole content in the subject line itself or don’t put it too short that people ignore them if they don’t find it useful. Instead, tell what is inside your email in an impressive and creative way. So that people get inspired to open and read your emails.

Remember, Content is King

Content can make or break your business. So, use the content that is meaningful, engaging, and does some benefit to your subscribers. Simply put, send only important information, cut all unnecessary content, and craft it in such a way that people wait for your next newsletter. The other most important thing is to check the grammar and spelling mistakes in the content. Because low-quality content can simply ruin your reputation.

Don’t Let them Look Spammy

Whether you are sending promotional emails, follow up emails, or informing them about your new releases, don’t add too many elements to your emails. Because they may look spammy. Here are 4 important tips.

  • Keep your emails short and simple – avoid too many files (images, videos, or links) in it.
  • If you are including images – never forget to include alt texts to the images.
  • Write a catchy subject line – but never use all Captial letters to create more impact. It simply may push your email into the spam list.
  • Avoid using SPAM words such as FREE, Please Read, $$, etc. in your subject line. As these are often misunderstood as spam by Gmail and GSuite, hence your emails will simply land on spam folders.

Personalize & Send

In any marketing strategy, personalization is crucial. Because you can’t sell a cheesecake to the one who is on a serious diet. You need to know their demands, and preferences before you start pitching your sales. Else you will simply waste your time and effort. There are many email marketing tools that will help you in personalizing your subscriber list based on their categories such as new subscribers, followup list, retarget list. So you can slightly modify your message based on categories, segment them, and send them separately. Also, greet them with their first names to build a positive relationship, your audience will also love this.

Optimize Emails for All Devices

Most of the people read their emails on phones. So you need to optimize your emails for mobile phones too along with desktops and tablets. User experience always matters. Because people will simply delete or move the emails to spam if they are unable to read or view images in the emails. The slowly loading and improper format of the text refers to your poor editing or designing resources. This may even diminish your brand image if you are a well- known business. And you will simply lose potential leads to your business.

Recheck your Subscriber List

One of the most important tasks you need to do before you start running email marketing campaigns is that checking your subscriber list. Analyze if all the people on your list are genuinely interested or are forced to subscribe. A random emailing list can’t gain you anything. You can only earn merits from your loyal subscribers. So, you better remove the uninterested people from your mailing list. As the forced subscribers may or may not turn as your customers. Investing your energy on uninterested people is simply a waste of time. You can find them using two ways:

  • People who are not taking any actions towards your emails for a long time are simply uninterested. Track the behavior of your subscribers with email marketing tools.
  • Send people a second-time confirmation email to subscribe.

Analyze the Behaviour of your Audience

It is important to track the behavior of the people receiving your emails. This helps you in analyzing the highlights and loopholes in your emails. There are some tracking tools available on the internet that will help you track the recipients’ behavior such as clicks and bounces. With some tools, you can even find which part of your email has locked the recipient for more time. So that you can focus more on the engaging part and improvise your email design and content.

Provide Unsubscribe Link

Did you know that most emails are reported spam because they didn’t provide an unsubscribe link? Yes, when people receive too many irrelevant and frequent emails of not their interest, they search for the unsubscribe button. Else, they will report spam to get rid of those annoying emails.

So, to avoid this situation, it recommended to include an unsubscribe link in your every email. 

Bottom Line

Following the proper mass email marketing strategies can help you gain good results in a short period of time. And with some additional touch of creativity, you can grow your business tremendously. But before that in order to see a massive response to your mass emails, your website’s search engine ranking should be higher. So that people remember you as they see you more often on search results and trust you. Secondly, you need to send them high-quality emails with the right number of images or banners and the right amount of useful content to escape from the spam list. This way you can impress your subscribers and inspire them to turn into your loyal customers. Also, do not forget to connect with them through your newsletters or promotional emails and informative emails regularly to maintain the relationship with them, else they may forget you.

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