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How content marketing builds your business?

Whether you’re running a small or large business, customer satisfaction is important from start-to-finish. In order to attract and retain customers, you need to build credibility and trust. Also, capture and keep your potential customer’s attention even after a lead.

If you want to keep your customer for a longer time, you can’t escape from the term – Content Marketing. From decades you can find and listen everywhere in this digital world.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an imperative form of approach for creating & sharing curated content to attract and convert business prospects into customers. It helps to convert these customers into repeated buyers.

Why content marketing?

If you’re a newbie, then Why Content Marketing could be your first question. Why every business is stressing so much on this strategy.

Awareness: Just launched a new product? Congrats!!! Now it’s time to spread awareness among the audience. Therefore you require a curated content about the product description, price, features and more. Delivering valuable content to your audience can drive maximum ROI.

Research: Once your audiences are aware of your products or services. They perform in-depth research to understand and educate themselves. Example, a user wants to buy a mobile phone, the user will perform research about ‘latest mobiles’ or ‘budget-friendly mobiles’. Make sure your website has got everything.

Consideration: At some instance, a user starts comparing your product (mobile) with other mobile selling websites to make sure they order the best mobile at cheap price.

Buy: This is an important stage for every business i.e customer buying decision. If a user gets the best product at your website then they move forward with the transaction.

Reasons to build content marketing

  • Curated content can build trust
  • Establish your business identity
  • Easy to analyze
  • Generate maximum leads
  • Attract potential customers

Let’s dig into the importance of content marketing for your business!!!

Want to drive more traffic and increase the ratio of conversion? You need to implement a content marketing strategy in a proper way.

Determine your content marketing goals

You just can’t post content without a specific goal. Before playing a game, you need to understand the instruction and set a goal for success. Plan accordingly and as a result, increase your ROI.

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Creating awareness about product or services
  • Introducing a new product launch
  • Drive maximum traffic to your blog or website
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase subscribers
  • Convert leads into potential customers
  • Develop retention & generate upsell

Your content nature should be related to your products or services. In other words, with your valuable content, you’re educating the audience – what you sell. Your audience will be aware of your brand, products and services. Also, trust enough to place an order at your website.

Create relevant and valuable content

You’ve visited a mobile showroom and a salesperson has approached you. A sales guy can’t wait to explain today’s best mobile deal. Starts explaining about the mobile features, specifications and price. Also, give complete information by comparing with other mobile phone functionalities. As a result, you could easily make a buying decision.

The same thing applies to your online business.

Always give complete information to your audience. However, creating unique and engaging content require time and research. But coming up with effective content can increase the sales ratio and also get maximum shares on social media.

You’ve posted content on social media, is it unique? Does it require changes for better engagement? To impress your audience you need to create effective content.

  • Provide everything by creating a curated content
  • Have a perfect mix of content – unique, effective, valuable and engaging
  • Don’t ever mix everything together
  • Whenever audience request for information, respond immediately
  • Give a reply to audience’s comments
  • Be selective

Create actionable content to get more engagements. Before creating content, conduct in-depth research about the relevant context for your audience. When you find great content, don’t hesitate to share that content on your page. By sharing other’s content can gain trust among the audience. Hence become go-to expert by distributing curated content. Whenever you provide content, don’t end up without a conclusion.

Include attractive visuals

Life is all about attention and attraction!!!

In fact, that can be interpreted in different ways. Yes, you heard it right. Humans get connected with visual than text. As per research, 80% of users prefer images than a plain text. With an effective image, you can convey the message easier and faster. When you start preparing the curated content for your audience, don’t ignore visuals. This adds a special effect for your content.

There are various visual media available such as images, audio, gif, video, infographics, etc. But the point is what type of visual can enhance your content.

For a newbie, your website can contain visual such as images, videos and stats can perform better. Infographics can increase your website traffic by 12%.

While considering an email marketing campaign, add quality images that have more CTR.


Consumer needs honest information. Every organization need to concentrate on transparency to build brand credibility. Many businesses fail to implement transparency strategy. If you want to drive sales, then focus on transparency.

When you want to buy a laptop, you probably look for information about the brand, price, memory, operating system, battery and more. You start comparing the laptop with one another and select the best one. Providing every detail about the product or service is important.

Customers usually expect product image, price, how it works, specification, warranty, etc. Make sure you never miss a single detail about the product. Always provide genuine information to build trust.

When a customer placed an order and there are chances of delay in delivery. In such a situation give a notification about the product delay. That can leave a positive impact.

Distribute your content

Created a curated content for your website or blog? That’s great. Do you think you’re job is done after creating a content? If yes, then you’re wrong. Though you’ve created valuable and engaging content, it could be useless when you don’t post it elsewhere.

Distributing content on various channels is an important component in ‘content marketing’. Publish your content on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy leads from social media channels as well. On the other hand, with email marketing, you can create an effective for your potential customers and keep them updated with your information.

  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers

Embrace a live video

Who doesn’t love watching a video? Everyone feel relax while watching funny or dance video. Depending upon their mood people watch videos according to their preferences. Now businesses are taking advantage of videos to drive traffic and conversions. Do you know every day millions of promoting videos are been created? Sounds crazy right. But it’s actually right.

Videos can:

  • Easily consumed
  • Better engagement
  • Low cost

There are few online video making tools available in the market. By using these software one can easily create any kind of video. Have you ever heard about live videos? Many small and new business are using live videos to market their products. With live videos, there are various chances to increase engagement and conversions.

Educate your audience, don’t focus on conversions

Content marketing is the process of communicating with your business prospects and consumers. Though your ultimate goal is to generate maximum conversion, don’t just focus on only leads. While considering content marketing, your ultimate goal must be providing valuable content.

Ultimately your content is displayed to your customers regularly. They eventually build respect and trust in your business. When a customer wants to purchase something, your brand is the first thing that strikes in their mind.


You’ve heard about micro-influencers somewhere. Have no idea about micro-influencers? Stop worrying!!! Micro-influencers are considered as social influencers. These accounts have more than 10k to 1million followers list.

Micro-influencers plays a vital role in promoting company products or services. If you’re a newbie to the market, with the help of micro-influencers you can increase brand awareness. As a result increases brand awareness, traffic and conversions.

Do you know, more than 93% of customer belive the words of micro-influencers? It’s true. Many companies are approaching them and getting their work done. By promoting and reviewing the products.


Curated content can help educate your audience. When your audience gets a clear understanding of your product and feels that you’re providing great quality at the best price. They’ll definitely place an order. Unique and engaging content will assist you to become visible online, both on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Sometimes on social media. Quality content can be wisely connected to across the globe – social media, blogs, etc. As a result, you can increase traffic, visitors, conversions and more to your business.

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