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How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages?

Does it sound amazing to get discovered by your potential audience? Of course YES. Standing as a well-known brand in the competitive world is the dream for every marketer.

There are many inbound marketing ideas should be considered, including an effective landing page that includes compelling call-to-action buttons.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is an amazing web page, designed specifically for marketing purpose. It’s the place where a user or visitor “lands” when they clicked on your website on search engines organically or through Google Adwords. As a result, it increases the conversion rate to your website.

The ultimate purpose of the landing page is to turn a visitor into a potential customer. That can be done through including call-to-action like shop, register, subscribe, log in, etc.

But the question is, how can you drive traffic to your landing pages?

What are the different types of landing pages?

Not every landing pages intent can be similar. The purpose of one landing page can differ from other landing pages. Consider, a landing page is used to collect information of the user. On the other hand, it is used to purchase a specific product or service.

There are 7 different types of landing pages

Click-through landing page

If your a marketer, then you might have heard about click-through landing pages. It provides information about an offer on a specific product. Also, explains terms and conditions with benefits and proper context of use to convince a visitor to purchase the product.

Lead capture landing page

It is also called as “Squeeze web pages”. The purpose of these landing pages is to collect information from the visitor. The personal data include name, DOB, gender, email address and a contact number. A squeeze web page has no exit and no links – only one submit button. Once your visitor fills all the information and tap on the submit button, the details will be stored in the backend.

Infomercial landing pages

As the name suggests, these landing pages are completely based on information. Marketers post complete information about the product. The visitor starts scrolling down to understand the product – working, benefits, etc. As per the analysis, 51% of visitor place order after gaining complete knowledge of a specific product.

Viral landing pages

Companies are trying hard to create viral buzz!!! The purpose of creating a viral is to improve brand awareness. The best examples of viral landing pages are flash games or entertaining videos. These types of content go viral within a short period.

Product detail landing page

Will you purchase a product just by looking at an image? No right. The same thing applies to your customer as well. Apart from the product image, they look for additional information such as colour, size, specification, features, warranty, easy-returns and more.

Product detail is important for any website. This landing page consists of complete information about a particular product. The major benefit of product detail landing page is, it needs no additional work to create another page.

Homepage as a landing page

The homepage is essential for any website. They stand as a backbone for online business. But while considering conversion, it can be the least generating campaign.

Every marketer often creates expensive advertising campaigns just to send the traffic to the home page. Is it a bad idea? Sometimes, because a home page can have many distractions.

The reason why homepage receives low conversion ratio is – whenever a visitor lands on your homepage, they can find too many options such as login, products, services, about-us, offers and more. By glancing everything all at once, the visitor gets distracted with too many options. In such situations, the bounce rate also gets increases.

Which type of landing page is best?

It depends upon your marketing goals. Simply put, a focused landing page can convert a high rate. By using a “standalone” landing page when compared to driving visitors or traffic to the homepage is considered to increase conversion.

Make sure your landing page is optimized as per search engine guidelines. If you want to improve the conversion rate, then implement A/B testing. By working on this module can increase leads ration from 2X to 10X.

Want to know how to drive traffic to your landing page, continue reading!!!

Search engine marketing (pay-per-click)

If your a marketer or an entrepreneur, then you definitely know about the importance of search engine marketer. It is often called a pay-per-click. PPC is one of the most popular advertising channels, it works on keywords and bidding. While creating a campaign you provide a few keywords that customers would be using these similar keywords to search for a product. When your customers search term matches with your set of keywords, your PPC campaign will be displayed on the top. A customer clicks on that sponsored ad and visits your website.

Social media marketing

It’s no secret that social media is a huge growing market!!!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are popular social media platforms. As per the recent analysis, there are 3.8 billion internet users, in which 2.89 billion people are using social media. People are using social media for personal and business purposes. Generally, people use social media to stay connected with their friends, watch the latest trends, upload their profile pictures and share. Besides, business uses social media to get connected with their loyal customers. Promote their products or services, as a result, to generate traffic to their landing pages.

Design post that resonates your ideal customers and doesn’t forget to include trending hashtags. Make the great use of ‘Live’ to drive more engagements.

Optimize your landing page

Have you ever thought about search engine friendly landing pages? Many times right. While creating and managing ad campaign, concentrating on SEO is critical.

Optimizing your landing pages according to SEO is something that you can ignore. If you want landing pages enough smart, then start your optimization process from research.

There are a few online keyword tools available online. Make the great use of the available tools and conduct research on keywords (basic to primary keywords). Include these keywords on your landing page. Write a compelling title, headings, meta descriptions and build quality backlinks to your landing page.

Email your existing customers

Many marketers concentrate on driving new traffic and forget about existing users. If your such kind of a marketer, then you’re on a high risk.

Stop pulling all your focuses on generating new traffic. Start driving traffic to landing pages from your subscriber lists. What could be the best way other than sending an email to your contacts? Because an email is a cost-effective approach. Many people around the world use email for both personal and professional use.

It’s time to market your product or services through email. The process is called “Email marketing”. It is an effective way of digital marketing strategy. Sending a promotional email to your potential customer can improve brand awareness, trust and increase traffic to your landing page.

While writing an email, always try to focus on a single topic. Don’t try to mix up everything and make it complicated. Don’t forget to create an eye-catching headline. Lastly, including call-to-action buttons can take your customers to the landing page. Close the email with an email signature to attract the attention of your visitors.

Do guest blogging

Are you a blogger or someone who’s fractionated to create curated content? Guest blogging will work extraordinary for you.

If you want to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your landing page, then start guest blogging. It is the best way to generate traffic and leads in an effective manner.

How can you implement a guest blogging strategy? The process is simple. Write an effective guest post and drive a handful of visitors to your landing page. The advantage of guest posting is, you can drive visitor even after months and years after publishing.

Start writing a guest post by researching. Find the best source and engage with them by sending a pitch email. Create effective content and provide a backlink to your landing page.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the major marketing strategies to generate traffic to your landing pages. Also, it focuses on creating and sharing valuable and relevant content to attract an audience. As a result, to drive maximum ROI.

Marketing is probably impossible without quality content. How many of you agree? Yes, quality content is important for SEO, social media, press release, PPC and inbound marketing.

As per marketing, many marketers are already using content marketing technique to drive maximum traffic to their landing pages. This strategy works perfectly for various reasons such as increased sales, cost-saving and loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Landing pages are a perfect way to track individual engagement. On the other hand, they generate traffic and conversions for your website. Create a well-designed landing page and start implementing every strategy until you find the best one that works great with your business. Also, Stop wasting your time and start implementing to drive traffic to your landing pages.

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