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How to promote your business on Instagram?

Do you know, over 700 million people are using Instagram every month? Yes, Instagram is used by all age groups – young to senior citizens. Everyone has their own reasons to use Instagram. Young people use to stay connected with their dear ones, shop online, watch cooking videos, etc. On the other hand, senior citizen uses Instagram to watch current affairs and fitness videos.

Instagram is well-known as second-most leading social media channel across the globe. With Instagram, you can communicate with business prospects and improve brand awareness.

Want to promote your business on Instagram? That’s really a great idea. But you can’t drive traffic just by posting pictures. With 700 million active users, you should keep your pace up to stand out from the crowd.

Stick here!!! This article will provide you with amazing technique to market your business on “Instagram”.

Define your goals and purpose

This might sound like a “no-brainer”. Like other marketing techniques, you should set a specific goal and purpose for your company on Instagram to drive ROI.

Goals and purposes will give you the perfect direction to achieve success. Before creating a business account, you should be getting ready to answer these questions:

  • What is your marketing goal?
  • Who are your potential audiences?
  • Want to generate conversation?
  • Increasing customer’s satisfaction?
  • Improve brand awareness?
  • Drive maximum traffic?

Understanding and analyzing your marketing ideas, goals and purpose is important to drive ROI. Setting individual social media goals and objective is not fluff. By defining goals you can determine everything easily from content strategy to scheduling the post.

There is no limit to set your goals on Instagram. Set specific goals and purpose for your business to drive better results. Goals and purpose can give your brand direction. Without proper direction, marketing your business on Instagram can be a fruitless endeavour that takes a lot of effort and time.

Get set up in a positive way

It’s an amazing idea to get connect your business on social channels. Instagram can work perfectly when you already running other social channels. Now it’s time to push your Facebook and Twitter followers to your Instagram account. Interesting right? The attractive feature of Instagram, it can let you connect with other social profile. Therefore your new posts and stories can get published on other accounts instantly.

As soon as you create an Instagram business page, add your website link and write a short and effective bio for your Instagram profile. Hence people will get to know about your company. Also, you can include contact information in your bio.

Be an active user

With 700 million active users, every day over 80 million posts has been posted on Instagram. Every day thousands of business accounts are being created by entrepreneurs to expand their brands. The competition is becoming stronger day by day. Don’t just create a business account and leave it. Try to post at least 2 posts a day. While posting consistently, you can gain trust among your audience. Also, be an active member on Instagram and reach more audience. Start participating in group discussions. When you like a particular post, tap on love button and mention your valuable comments.

Post what the audience wants

Offering chocolates to a poor kid is more valuable than offering it to a rich kid. For a poor kid, chocolate can create happiness. The same applies to the Instagram post, offer something valuable to your audience to create engagement. Consider what your audience is interested in. After picturing start designing your post. Rather than watching your products picture, audiences can be more interested in “behind-the-scenes” posts.

Reach a huge Instagram followers

You’ve designed an outstanding visual to post on Instagram. Done a great job!!! Are you following any strategy while posting? If no, then your simply wasting your time. In order to increase your follower’s list, you need to maintain a proper strategy.

Use a hashtag to expand discoverability

Every second thousand of images are being posted on Instagram. It means Instagram news feeds can change within a few seconds. Then your post can disappear just like dust in the air. That could be a heartbreaking moment when your Instagram post gets buried away.

In such situations, hashtag comes into the picture. Is there anyone who is unaware of the fancy word – HASHTAG? Nobody right. Hashtag plays a prominent role in Instagram. Many businesses are using hashtags to increase the shelf-life of posts. These hashtags can lump your Instagram posts together into related communities or groups linked by specific keywords.

You can also create your brand hashtag to create brand awareness. Whenever you post on Instagram, make sure to include your brand hashtag. The more hashtags you include, the more engagement you can receive for each post.

Stick with one branded theme

Many businesses use social media profiles to increase brand awareness. Branding is a major part of curated content creating. People feel more comfortable with the known brands. Make your brand get recognized by following only one theme and format.

If you’re running a travel portal, then choose a theme that contains – flight, bus, train, etc. By looking at your post, people will understand that you’re running a travel portal.

Incorporate trending topics

Who doesn’t like reading trending topics? Of course everyone right. If you want to drive maximum engagement, then start posting trending topics on your social media. Trending topics can be related to movies, news, fashion, business, etc. Depending upon your audience interest, pick the perfect trending topic that is going viral.  If you write a post that people are eagerly waiting about. When you post a popular topic on your Instagram profile, then there will be more chances to share, like and follow your profile. As a result, you can drive maximum engagement and conversions.

Include video content

It’s no secret video content is booming in the marketing world. People prefer watching a video than reading a text or image. Video is the best communication medium. If you’re not using videos on your Instagram, then you might be losing something big. Those days are gone where posting an image can attract an audience, nowadays everyone is getting attracted towards videos. Spend some time on creating a high standard video. Make sure the video length must be short (2 to 5 minutes). When you create a lengthy video, there are high chances where users stop watching your video. Create short and perfect video that attracts your audience.

Choose borders

If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, then you need to be unique from others. Instagram offers a square to post the images. If you want to make the most, then you don’t need to stick with it. Depending upon your interest start experimenting with Instagram borders. Sometimes you can break the grid as well to look more effective. Make sure, experiment with every border before you post it. Because once you post the image or video on Instagram, there can be no modifications done.

Use quotes

Many businesses post inspirational quotes on their Instagram profiles. Do you know the reason why they’re preferring quotes rather than general images? Because quotes get more sharing and engagements when compared to other posts. As per the analysis, 75% of quotes are shared on social media every day. Also, quotes are in the top list from the past few decades.

Everyone prefers using social media to get inspired. When they come up with the best quote, people start sharing the post in their network.

Follow and engage with influencers

Influencers are someone who influences people using their social media platforms. When you start thinking about influential social media accounts, you can encounter big names like Obama and Taylor Swift comes into your mind, but when comes to reality there are many social influencers in every niche. Therefore it’s a great opportunity for you to identify and take help of influence and grow your traffic and conversions.

The amazing strategy for identifying your influencer is through the search bar. Sometimes you can identify just by tapping on explore people option.

Run a contest

Who don’t like gifts? Everyone right. Whether it can be big or small, everyone wants to greet them with surprise gifts. If you want to throw a surprise to your audience, then create a contest. The contest can be

  • Writing a review
  • Sharing your brand name with their network
  • Solving the puzzle

Give an announcement about your content before one week. It helps to reach more people. Hence many people can participate in your contest. Start running your content in the morning and give a positive reply from every user. Choose any three random people from the participants and announce their name. Give a surprise to the winners like a movie ticket or a gift voucher.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a popular social media platform used by every business to stay connected with prospects and improve engagement. If you’re not on Instagram, then it’s the time to take action and drive more traffic and conversions. Also, use the mentioned strategies and improve your revenue in the best possible way.

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