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What are Cyber threats & How is it Affecting Businesses?

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting computers, servers, networks and sensitive information from unauthorized access. It can also be related to information technology security.

Everything is digitalized around the world – sending a confidential document to signing a deal. As everything is digital, there is an immense chance for cyberattacks. These days cyberattacks are an evolving danger to business, employees and customers. They are designed to access sensitive information. A cyberattack can destroy your business process and damage people’s both personally and financially.

Don’t get panic!!! You can protect your data from cyberattacks through “Cybersecurity”.

What are the different types of cyber threats?

Denial of service

A DoS attack is a security attack occurred on resources (machine, server or network). Denial of service makes the resources inaccessible to its authorised persons. As a result, it floods the specific target with traffic. Sometimes it can send information that can result to crash. In general, DoS attack deprives legitimate members i.e owner, employee or customers of service they expected.

There are two types of DoS attacks

  • Flooding services
  • Crashing services

Flood attacks can arrive when the resources receive huge traffic for the server. This can take a lot of time to buffer. Besides, it can slow down your resource performance. The common flood attacks such as buffer overflow, ICMP and SYN floods.

Man-in-the-middle attack

A man-in-the-middle attack is a kind of eavesdropping security attack where unauthorized person inserts themselves into a communication. The conversation can be between people or systems. A man-in-the-middle security attack allows a hacker to access information. Hacker can send, receive or intercept the communications.

Man-in-the-middle attack exploits mainly on bank transactions and business conversation. The popular types of MITM security attack are:

  • Session hijacking
  • IP spoofing
  • Replay


Phishing is the most common type of social engineering security attack. It is designed to steal user confidential information. The data can include login credentials, bank transaction details and one-time password.

When confidential information is shared with hackers, both personal and business lives will be on risk. Because every information is valuable and sensitive, hackers can commit fraud, misuse information or access business network.

Types of phishing

  • Spearfishing
  • Clone phishing
  • Whaling

How to prevent phishing attacks?

It’s important for organization to educate their team to prevent phishing attacks. Keep an eye on how to identify suspicious emails, messages and links. As cyber attackers are refining their strategies, so it could be helpful to have complete knowledge about phishing techniques. 

Password attack

How do you access social media account? By entering a user name and password right. Yes, password plays major role while accessing a social media account, business mail or mobile phone. By setting a password, one can be worry-less from unauthorized access. Nobody dares to share their personal password with anyone. They are in the belief that their data is safe and secured. If you’re one among them, you’re moving in the wrong direction. The truth is your passwords are not protected.

You can protect from password attacks. In the beginning, you must be familiar with types of password attack. After gaining the information, now you can use various password cracking software to regularly audit your personal and business passwords.

Password guessing

Password guessing is the popular type of password attack. Hackers can guess your password either locally or remotely through a manual and automated process.

Password resetting

Hackers often find resetting much easier than guessing a password. Most password cracking process is called as password resetters. In many cases, hackers boots from a compact disk to get across the Windows protection. Petter Nordahl-Hagan program is commonly used to reset the password.

Password cracking

Password cracking is the effective process of taking a captured password hash and convert it into original plain text. There are few popular passwords cracking tools like extractors for hash guessing and rainbow tables to crack the password.

Social engineering

Step by step approach of psychological manipulation people to perform specific actions or stealing the information.


APT is known as advanced persistent threats. Attacks in which hackers or unauthorized person infiltrates a network undetected and remains on the network for maximum time.


It is a type of software that is designed to access or damage a desktop or network without the knowledge of an owner.

How to protect yourself from cybersecurity attacks?

  • Regularly back up your documents
  • Trust the URL that consists of “HTTPS”
  • Never ever open an email or attachments from unknown recipients
  • Always keep your resources updated with the latest technologies

Benefits of Cybersecurity

Cyber-crime is on the rise. Many businesses are exposed as a result of inefficient cybersecurity. Therefore information technology solutions are important for every business.

Information technology security solutions are very important for every business. According to the analysis, over 48% of UK organizations have encountered with cyber-attacks. As a result, business has lost customer trust and also a theft of business information.

Protect your organization

It provides complete digital protection to every business. As a result, employees can surf the internet when required without any potential threats and risks.

Protect personal information

Nobody would like to share their personal information with everyone. One of the major valuable assets in this digital world is personal details. When a virus attack on your personal details regarding your customers or team members, they are many chances of selling your personal information to third parties. Also, some hackers use data to steal your money.

Allow your employee to work securely

Employees expect a safe and secure environment. Adapt cybersecurity techniques in your business and make your employees feel safe. Without adopting cybersecurity techniques, you and your employees will be on risk from cyberattack. When your desktop or server gets affected, then it hampers your employee’s productivity.

Protects productivity

How do you feel when the browser takes a too long time to load a page? The bothersome moment right. Nothing can bring you down other virus attacks. Don’t you agree? Yes, when a virus attacked on your desktop, it will affect on your desktop or network. The virus can make your personal desktop to work slow and fast loading pages are practically impossible. When a webpage loading time is more, your employees can lose interest. Ultimately it can effect on your productivity.

Stop your business from moving down

When you’re running a website, it means you’re hosting own website. When your resources get affected, there may be chances that your website can shut down forcefully. Apart from losing money, you will also lose your customer’s trust. There are a few viruses that can do everlasting damage to your resources.

Denies spyware

Spyware is one of the popular forms of ‘cyber infection’. It is specially designed to spy on-going actions. Then it replays that sensitive information back to unauthorized parties. If you’re looking for cybersecurity solution, then Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall is the best tool for you. It can prevent spyware and ensures your entire team actions will remain private and locked within your organization.

Prevents Adware

While watching a movie or video, you can encounter ads at the beginning or end. How do you feel when ads covered your entire screen? Of course sad moments. Adware is a kind of virus that is related to computer. However, an advertisement has a great impact in terms of productivity. On the other hand, it can often allow viruses to attack your computer.

Support your IT expert

Sounds like unpleasant!!! But many cyber-criminals can have a great experience than your employees while considering a digital crime. Therefore the powerful IT security system will provide your business with a set of features and customer support that you can gain the capability to fight with a most determined criminal.

Build trust and confidence in your customers

When you prove that your organization is protected against cyber threats. Then you can build trust among your clients and customers. If you want to run a successful business then you need to earn trust among the customers. Whenever you earn trust, customers feel confident to purchase your product or services.

Additional benefits of cybersecurity are:

  • Cybersecurity provides great protection against virus and spyware.
  • It provides data protection from theft by implementing a security protocol. Therefore malicious or hackers can’t break the structure of architecture.
  • Protect entire resources from unauthorized access.
  • Cybersecurity provides information and computer privacy. You can achieve by implementing effective security protocols in your network.

Final Thoughts

Cybersecurity is the powerful protection mechanism of internet-connected resources. It includes information, software and hardware from cyberattacks. The main purpose to implement cybersecurity is to prevent cyberattacks. When you build a strong sense of network security, your clients and customers feel secured while connecting with you. Also, there are many benefits to using cybersecurity in your business. Besides, it protects your entire network and sensitive information from hackers or unauthorized users. If you’re not implementing cybersecurity techniques in your business, then you’re simple wasting time and money. Additionally, implement effective cybersecurity strategies and make your network and information safe and secured.

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