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Tips to adjust your content marketing strategy for 2019

Whether you’re planning to start a business, there are few things to be considered to get successful. Building a powerful website for marketing your brand. Despite, execute every process in a perfect manner to impress your user and search engines. In reality, every business concentrates more on content marketing. Since the demand for quality content is huge. As per the recent analysis, 78% of B2B purchasers rely on the content as an analysis and research medium while they’re planning to buy a product or service.

Want to drive huge traffic and create a profitable business? Then you must concentrate on ‘Content Marketing Strategy’.

Build more targeted landing pages

Don’t you agree landing pages play an important role in lead generation? Of course right. Many companies don’t use landing pages, it’s very common to pay more attention to the homepage. Because it’s like the first room in your ‘virtual storefront’. Here your visitors “walk-in” through your business.

Tips for creating an effective landing page

  • Never use the homepage as a landing page
  • Remove extra navigation
  • Keep the objective clear
  • Match the content to a visitors’ previous source
  • Reduce friction
  • Focus on VALUE
  • Only ask for what you require

A landing page is important for every website. Because, when traffic is generated towards landing page the conversion ratio get increased by 15% on average. Make sure landing page should consist of a headline, brief description, image, security badges and call-to-action button.

Segment audience to increase engagement

Intelligent content marketers understand the advantage of segmenting audiences with respect to an audience based on product requirement. Segmentation is significant because some of your visitors aren’t customers, but remaining are.

General speaking, your content cannot be suitable for every user. Because they’re numerous phases in user buying behaviour. For example, if you created content on ‘Awareness of a product’ for a new customer. Though it’s helpful for a new user the content can be a waste of time for your existing customers. Hence segmentation is an effective process to increase the centre of the business on market segments.

Benefits of segmentation

  • Focus of the business
  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Market enlargement
  • Consumer retention
  • Have reliable information
  • Increase profitability

A business can’t devise a marketing tactic without market segmentation.

Know your audience

Identifying your potential audience is fundamental to every marketing approach. If you’ve no idea about your audience, then you don’t understand what and where to start. Or which social media platform to choose to market your product.

Understanding your audience is important before creating content. At first, step, know your audience and understand their need. When a customer is looking for a product, and you offer that product to your customer. Ultimately that customer will drive a sale from you. Hurray!!! You got a lead.

Ways to know your audience

  • Conduct advanced research
  • Keep an eye on your competitors
  • Create a buyers persona
  • Understand your client’s requirement personally
  • Monitor readers like, comments, share and engagements
  • Witness external social habits
  • Conduct a survey

The more you analyse, research and understand your audience, the more effective your marketing efforts will become.

Create evergreen content

Content marketing is an effective strategy when you’re planning to market your products or services. However, not every content you created could be valuable for your audience. Among all, few valuable articles can die after a certain period of time by becoming obsolete.

What could be the best solution? 

Think… Think again…

You need evergreen content to drive views, traffic and conversions. You need to create content that will carry great value as time passes. Driving organic traffic and visitors in twenty years at the same rate can be done with consistent content.

Tips for creating evergreen content

  • Select a topic and make sure they qualify as evergreen content
  • Conduct in-depth research
  • Determine relevant and representative visuals
  • Create content or tag line with your brand voice
  • Refresh your quality content periodically

There are few tools such as Buzzsumo, Ahrefs and EpicBeat are used to analyze overall performance. Also, identify the content is socially familiar and boost engagement.

Assess your current position

You’ve created an evergreen content. That’s sounds great. So, what next? You post content on your website, blog, social media, podcast and elsewhere.

Do you think your job is done after posting content? Not exactly.

You need to figure out whether that content is helping you to meet your business goals.

In order to figure out, you need to conduct an audit on your content. It means,

Logging every piece of your content, like website, blog post, social media post and more.

There are few software’s available in the market to log your content. Among all Screaming Frog is an outstanding tool, it’s a URL crawler. This tool will analyze every piece of content. It includes title, descriptions, meta tags and alt text. Also, find duplicate webpages and create sitemaps.

Analysis of how your content is performing. Whether the content consists of inbound and outbound links. What is the SERP associated with specific content? Also, if the content is shared among many people. For in-depth analysis use SEMRush software, it provides site audit and SERP tracking.

Identifying the gaps, work out and fill the gaps that you can exploit. It includes adding primary keywords, identifying and removing broken links, etc.

Find the right social media platform

Do you require a Facebook account? Or Twitter is a perfect social networking platform for your business? Do you feel Snapchat as an excellent medium to expand your business? Should you keep a leg on every social media to maximize your brand reach?

There are multiple social media platforms to choose from. But the toughest job is deciding which platform deserves your attention is a daunting task.

Choosing social media according to your audience preference can be a great idea. 

  • Know your audience
  • What are the channels your audience are spending most of their time on
  • How much time they’re spending on each platform
  • Are they active on weekdays or weekends
  • Track their activities
  • What are the groups and pages your audience prefer

Many businesses concentrate on a specific social media platform. Also, social media engagement is imperative for every business. Because it shows that you’re active on social media. While creating engagement, your gaining trust among the audience. When you talk about engagement on social media, it’s not about the picture likes, comments or share per post. Having thousands of followers and if you’re inactive, it means you’re falling on a dark side.

Write an attractive slogan and taglines

Have you ever heard about the slogan? Many times on television or radio ads right. There are few slogans that have stuck into our mind. Few might be Nike (Just Do It), McDonald’s (I’m Lovin’ It) and KFC (Finger-Lickin’ Good). These slogans are popular across the globe. 

A tagline is a catchphrase, it describes your business and describes the major advantages you require customers to connect with your company. While crafting company slogan with clear and care, it can keep your business centre in the minds and hearts of your customers. 

  • Keep it clear, short and simple
  • Be consistent
  • Concentrate on what makes you unique
  • Make it timeless
  • Ensure it can stand alone
  • Consider your target market
  • Get input

If you have done everything in a perfect way, your tagline will stick around long after customers interact with your business.

Transparency is queen

The customer always prefers transparency. Many business stats that been transparent to the customers is important. This statement is absolutely right. But when it comes to implementation, many businesses run into another way. The reason for losing an ideal customer is providing wrong information. This makes customers scary. In the end, a business will lose an ideal customer eventually.

Offering authentic products to your customer can develop trust and credibility. Whenever you introduce a new product to your website. Make sure to display the price information and a video, how to use the product. These are the key areas consumers expects from you.


Have you ever heard about influencer? Many times right. Especially if you’re a marketer, then you could’ve heard it many times. Micro-influencer marketing is widely used by every business. Because people are trusting the opinions of the people they’ve already known. Since influencer will give a correct and honest review of your product.

Micro-influencer is a specific group that contains 1k to 10k followers. They’re considered as a professional in their respective field. They could be makeup, fashion, food, travel, etc.

Benefits of using micro-influencers

  • Higher engagement rates
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Higher conversion ratio
  • Niche markets

In general terms, micro-influencers are relatable & trustworthy than celebrities. With individual interaction, they can connect with the audience on a personal level.

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