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Top 10 Best Electronic Signature Apps

Are you a business entrepreneur? How much time do you spend every day to sign a document? Probably it could be 30 minutes to one hour. You format the document and take a print out of it and sign. Then scan the document and make some changes if required before sending.

Sounds like a hesitating moment right. However, signing hundreds of document can become a chore.

As a business person – “Time is equal to Money”. When you’re wasting time on just signing documents, it means you’re wasting money. As a business owner, you don’t want it to have happened right.

There is where “Electronic Signatures”  comes into the picture to rescue you. 

What is meant by electronic signature?

An electronic signature is defined as a digital sign indicating an agreement or a legal document. For instance, whenever you purchase a product online, the courier person requests your name and mobile number on a mobile device – it’s an electronic signature.

In this present digital world, everybody fancies of paperless work. Thanks to today’s digital world. There are lots of electronic signature portals have been introduced to make it simple to store the signatures. Also, e-signatures add additional security and ensure that signatures are authorized.

If you’re looking for amazing electronic signature software for your business, then have a look below.


PandaDoc is the best software for the one who is looking to simplify the e-signature procedure for their proposals and contracts. It offers secure and legal-binding e-signatures and UETA compliant. Also, it ensures to provide an electronic certificate with each document. This software offers an extra layer of security with secured PDFs and user access permissions.

This amazing electronic signature software also helps to create documents faster. There are few in-build templates available to create attractive proposals and contracts. Also, provide customer information from CRM tool.

Pricing: PandaDoc basic plan starts at $25 per month.

Adobe Sign

Adobe sign is an easy to use software for individuals and businesses. This software is the most trusted e-signature software. The best part of Adobe sign – it makes electronic signature document quicker and easier. Additionally, you can easily prepare and send files and documents to your clients or customers. On top of everything, Adobe sign offers a highly secured platform.

Adobe Sign is the leading e-signature platform you can trust, from the global e-signature leader. It is used by every business – small, medium and large organizations. Choose Adobe Sign and get an electronic signature on your documents, forms and pdfs. With Adobe Sign, you can simply store and manage important documents.

Pricing: Adobe Sign business plan starts at $39.99 per month.

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign is a popular electronic signature application designed for an organization to start and close the deal within a few minutes. No need to worry about the hassles and time-consumed to travel for scanning the documents and verifying legally-binding or not.

This software streamlines signing deals on the move from anywhere and any device. It ensures to keep your deals and contracts moving forward. Also, Zoho Sign integrates other apps such as Zoho Writer, Zoho CRM, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Therefore it makes valuable for every business to choose from a wide range of business.

Zoho Sign provides safe and secure while creating and sending confidential information. The software uses audit trails, user access permissions, multi-functional verification to ensure the documents are secured. Zoho Sign supports a wide range of file types like pdf, gif, jpg, png, doc, docx, etc. 

Secured Signature

Want to save your time while signing a document? Look no further than Secured Signing. The software allows you to sign and send documents within few simple clicks. You don’t require scanning to send your documents. It uses cloud-based technology, you can easily access and share the electronic signature anywhere and anytime. Also, you can create and retrieve digital signatures from desktop, tablets, laptops or smartphone devices.

Many businesses prefer Secured Signature because

  • Easy-to-use
  • Secure and legally binding
  • Personalization
  • Store and work from any device

You can simply make use of templates and automated workflow. Pick anyone from various options that could match your specific process. The documents send through Secured Signing are legally accepted in many countries. Because it provides encrypted PKI technology.

Pricing: Secured Signing offers $24 per month (50 documents).


Tired of signing thousands of documents? Then it’s time to switch to Sign Now. It is a leading digital signature tool built to help organizations accelerate their business process. SignNow offers a rich set of API, these application user interfaces can easily embed digital signatures into your website and mobile app in less than 5 minutes. SignNow complies with every business-leading safe and security standards to make sure your files and documents are created, signed and shared while undergoing various levels of protection.

Sign Now is a cross-platform digital signature solution. You can easily close contracts and approve legal or other documents on the move. SignNow allows you to access documents even without internet connectivity. Additionally, you can start integrating all your favourite application in Sign Now.

Pricing: Sign Now business plan starts at $8 per month.


SignEasy is the best digital signature platform trusted by millions of users around the globe. The software is the easiest and quickest way to sign or get files or documents signed from any device – desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

By using the SignEasy tool, you can easily sign and manage documents in an efficient manner. Also, it ensures that every document is legally binding. While paperwork can create a lot of friction while doing company contracts or deals with your clients. With SignEasy, signing documents can be effortless for you and client. Ultimately, you can save your time and effort.

Don’t waste your time on printing and scanning the documents. Switch to SignEasy and sign and send documents from your mobile phone – whether you’re at the office or on the way home.

Pricing: Sign Easy standard plan starts at $10 per month.


Whether you want to sign a pdf or docx file, get your documents signed within few seconds using RightSignature. It is the perfect software to use for individuals, businesses and clients. Sending and sharing documents is flexible with RightSignature. Also, you can deliver documents through email, link or embed on your blog or website.

  • Send the documents that you already have in the cloud. Upload documents or files in common formats i.e pdf, doc and jpg files.
  • Instantly fill the details by adding text fiends, checkbox or drop-down list.
  • Set up your document within a single click through automatic field detection.
  • Send multiple documents at once.

Make your clients and customers happy by doing business with you. Give an additional touch while sending a document. Create personalized and custom branding for every document you create and share. Add your company logo, tagline or photos in the document and proceed to keep an incredible face forward.

Pricing: RightSignature personal plan starts at $12 per month and business plan starts at $60 per month.

OneSpan Sign

Do you know big companies like IBM, Wells Fargo and US bank use OneSpan Sign to create and share digital signatures? Yes, OneSpan Sign is specially designed for small and large organizations. Whether you would like to share a docx file or image file, every document is encrypted with high standards of security to deliver risk-free digital signature.

  • Easy – You don’t require a post-graduation to use OneSpan Sign software.
  • Secure – Every document is safe and secured by using encryption techniques.
  • Audit trails – It offers full-fledged audit trails in order to demonstrate compliance.
  • Flexible – OneSpan Sign is completely customizable to support any requirement.
  • Affordable – What you see is what you pay. This platform offers transparent pricing.
  • Deploy – Within a few minutes the documents can be deployed on the cloud. The cloud can be a public, private or hybrid cloud.

Pricing: Enjoy OneSpan Sign free trial for one month. Professional plan starts at $20 per month.


Have you ever heard about Signable? Many times right. Signable us the UK based digital signature provider. Do you know, it takes a few seconds to create and share a document or file to your customer or client inbox to be digitally signed. Your clients or customers can easily sign a document anywhere and anytime from any device. Also, this tool makes sure that every document is safe and secured.

  • World-class customer service
  • No credit card required
  • Affordable prices
  • A free application program interface to access
  • Unlimited users included
  • 100% safe and secure

Pricing: Signable basic plan starts at euro 19 per month.


Want to automate your business transaction, then choose the HelloSign digital signature tool. It is a web-based application, a user can upload and share the document using a flexible drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, it allows you to integrate other applications like Dropbox, Box, Evernote and Google Drive to make your progress easy.

Using HelloSign is easy when compared to other digital signature software. It allows a straightforward approach and hence you don’t any risk or complication in the flow. All you need to do is create a signature and insert it to on a file. Then select the required contact that you would like to share. Click on the send button.

Pricing: HelloSign basic plan starts at $13 per month.

Final Thoughts

While considering signing a legal document, individual or organizations pay much attention. Because to ensure that document is secure or not. Implementing a digital signature would benefit everyone in numerous ways. An electronic signature is making everyone’s life easier. It strengthens security by keeping important files safe. Also, reduce using paper and printing, as a result, e-signatures cut down the cost. Finally improves digital work process, save energy and time.

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