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Small Business Promotions on Facebook

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Obvious your answer is NO right. Facebook is a leading social media platform used by everyone around the globe. Whether you’re a student or a business entrepreneur, everyone uses Facebook for their individual reasons. Students use Facebook to connect with their friends and family. On the other hand, an entrepreneur uses to promote their products and services. Also, connect with their prospects effectively. 

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is a leading social media channel in the globe. Facebook marketing has become one of the most powerful digital platforms in terms of new opportunities. Whether you’re running a small or large enterprise, Facebook is the best place to market your products or services and connect with your business prospects.

Have you ever wondered how Facebook helps your business!!! Creating a business account is free, unlimited usage at free of cost. Also, you can share different posts, photos and videos. At Facebook almost everything is free.

Who employs Facebook marketing?

Facebook is currently featuring millions of potential customers in the world. Therefore every organization should use Facebook to stay connected with their prospects. Also, it is important to have a business account web page to promote their products and services. Because your customer’s are already using Facebook. Creating a business account at Facebook is just like eating an ice-cream. If you have not created yet a business account on Facebook, then it’s the right time to create.

Business: Whether you’re running a fashion or travel portal, you can promote any brand through Facebook. It’s the best platform to turn your passive consumers into active customers.

Local businesses: Planning to run a coffee shop near your home. Then you need to turn your local customer base through Facebook. Yes, create a business page and promote your brand to people who stay near your locality. Because those people are more likely to visit your coffee shop.

Personalities: Artists, politician, business person or author, anybody who earn money through being a celebrity. These people can create an account on their name and reach many people to increase awareness.

Non-profit organization: Do you know there are non-profit organizations? They are charities, Wikipedia and public services and welfare groups. Creating a non-profit organization page is easy. Click on “Company or Organization”. From the drop-down menu, select “non-profit organization”.

What is Facebook Ads?

Have you ever come across the fancy term called “Facebook Ad” while marketing your brand on Facebook? Many times right. Whenever you’re scrolling the news feed on Facebook, there are few products displayed as a sponsored post. These sponsored posts are created by the business to reach customers. These posts are considered as “Facebook Ads”.

Facebook ads can be displayed in two places – during the sign-in process or ads will be displayed on the right side of the news feed.

Facebook ads can be text, banner or video. These ads contain a high-quality image with a brand name. Also, a phrase of content that delivers the message of the specific post.

The second type of Facebook ad can appear on the right-hand side of your news feed. Creating this type of ads are simple and easier. You need to create a content name, URL, short description with an image.

What are the different types of Facebook Ads?

Businesses use various types of Facebook ads, right from sponsored posts to canvas advertisements.

Sponsored story: Many organizations prefer sponsored stories to promote their brand. These stories are content created by the customer’s interaction with a specific brand. These work similarly to organic stories.

Business can handle their target audience according to age, gender, qualification and location. Hence it can help the organization to reach the right customer at the right time.

Sponsored ads: While considering sponsored stories as the voice of an individual customer and sponsored ads are the voice of the brand. Digital marketer creates and handles the sponsored ads effectively to promote their business. Marketers can create two types of ads such as standard ads and page post ads.

Sponsored posts: These are commonly used posts by small and large business. A business owner or a marketer should pay some amount to turn into an advertisement. Also, this post can be product information or business history.

Carousel ads: If you want to display more than 3 or 4 images in a single ad, then opt for carousel ads. These types of ads allow a marketer to display 3 to 5 video or images in a single ad. Carousel ads work amazing when you would like to feature a number of products.

Canvas ads: Creating an ad that is mobile-optimized is great. Canvas ads are defined as full screen and mobile-optimized Facebook ads. These can be featured with a combination of text, video, image and links. Apart from all the ads on Facebook, canvas ads are more interactive. Because users can play, pause or click on the ad without leaving their Facebook account.

How do Facebook ads work?

Facebook ads can display on a user’s account through “paid search” or “paid social”. Paid search is used to help customers to know about your brand. On the other hand, paid social helps businesses to find potential customers. These two approaches can be done by implementing targeting audience strategies.

Facebook stores every personal and business information in its database. This information is used when a user searches for a product or service. Facebook displays the ads according to the user’s search history, activity or interest. Sometimes sponsored posts are displayed when you like relevant video or images.

How can Facebook help to grow your business?

Many marketers assume that Facebook is used to interact with business prospects. They just promote their products or services and reach millions of Facebook users. Are you following the same techniques? Do you think Facebook can help you to grow just by promoting? Absolutely no. Other than promoting your products or services, you need to stay connected with potential customers as well. Because customers value a brand that takes special care about their personal level rather than just pretending as an impersonal communication.

Facebook can help to grow your business by acting as a channel to connect with your customers, giving solutions to their questions and respecting their terms. By implementing these you can build your business and also encourage business loyalty.

How to use the Facebook group for promoting business?

Whether you’re a student or a senior citizen, you probably belong to one or two groups on Facebook. Basically students prefer the groups that are related to fashion, travel, entertainment and learning. While senior citizen prefers groups which are related to inspirational, health, books and news.

Facebook groups can bring users together who shares common interests. You can come across numerous groups on Facebook, it’s no secret every day a new group is created. These groups can bring people together who match interest.

If you’re running a travel website, concentrate on groups that are related to travel. Start posting your post on different travel groups. By posting on a related group you can connect with a million users at the same time. While delivering the right post at the right customer can increase the lead quality.

If you want to earn quality leads, then promote your brand on social media groups. Or you can join a niche group and start promoting products or services to target customers. Here you can have numerous opportunities to build brand awareness.

  • Fill every detail

You fill every single detail while filling an application for college admission. The same goes for a Facebook group. If you want to build trust and loyalty, you need to share complete information on your groups. Provide information about your company, products or services. Also, if you’re running a local business include open and close time. By providing complete information, Facebook can walk through every section of your profile.

  • Provide value for potential customers

How do you feel when some treat you special? Happy right. By providing value to your customer can make them feel happy. Or else create a group exclusively for your potential customer and reward them. Also, use these groups to follow-up your customer’s. Also, solve customer questions if any.

  • Discuss current events

Facebook groups are a perfect platform to keep up with the latest trends and events in your niche. By participating in group discussion can be kept in front of a targeted audience. Also, you can share any event that you’re targeted audience is interested in.

As per the recent analysis, Facebook groups are getting more engagement than business pages. Because Facebook groups have enabled group members to interact through conversation more effectively than a business page does.

How to encourage group members to engage?

Want to build a successful Facebook group? Then keep an eye on your posts. Make sure to every images or video you post should spark interaction with your customers.

Challenge: Do you love a challenge? Of course many of them like challenges in personal or business life. Nowadays challenges are becoming one of the common activity conducted. If you’re running a fashion designing website, then make a challenge for your group members to create a unique and attractive designer dress. Post a challenge and invite your group members to participate it.

Tutorials: Everyone spend maximum time on watching tutorials to gain more information. Tutorials are the best approach to continue your brand as the top in the industry. Try to post at least one video that can help your customers.

Live question and answers: It is one of the effective ways of communication in larger Facebook groups. When your group members started growing, then it can be a perfect time to offer live question and answers.

Quiz: Quiz can create a lot of entertainment for group members. They can provide information from various members of a group. Use quiz to know about “what can be your next product or service”.

Polls: If you’re looking for fresh content ideas, then create a poll for your Facebook group members and ask them to vote. Also, you can create polls for blog title or logo for next week or month.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms. Small and large businesses are using this platform to grow their company in terms of traffic and conversions. If you would like to improve your visitor and conversion base, use the Facebook ad to promote your product or services.

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