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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is making a loud splash in the business world. It is a highly effective technique used to handle and store personal or business information. Apart from time and cost, cloud computing reduces the complexity of technical staff. It’s no secret cloud computing is fastly moving and relied upon the latest technology for every business. 

What is cloud computing?

In general, cloud computing is defined as delivering computing services. It includes storage, networking, analytics, databases, servers and more. Cloud computing offers effective innovation and flexible resources at a cheap price. It works on the principle “what you use is what you pay”. Just pay for the cloud resources you used.

In other words, cloud computing referred to as computer resources like data storage and networking resources are available on-demand. The term ‘cloud’ is used to explain data centres that can be available to most users through the internet.

Types of cloud computing

Cloud computing can be classified according to the basis of location. It includes

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid and
  • Community cloud

Depending upon the information you’re looking for or working for, you’ll need to relate public, private, and hybrid cloud computing. Review every cloud in terms of the multiple levels of security and administration required.

Private cloud

The private cloud is referred to as high secured computing services offered on a private internal connection. A private cloud can be accessed only by selected people instead of public. It is also called as a corporate cloud. Yes, may business rely on private cloud to store and share information.

  • Efficiency and control
  • Customization
  • Security and privacy
  • Compliance
  • Ensures business continuity

Private cloud computing includes self-service and scalability. On top of everything, these clouds provide high-level security and privacy controls through a company firewall. Also, internal hosting to ensure every operation and authorized information are not accessed by unauthorized parties.

The only drawback of a private cloud is It department team is responsible for cost and accountability. Yes, this cloud charges more than public and hybrid clouds.

A private cloud can deliver two types of services such as (IaaS) infrastructure as a service and (PaaS) platform as a service. These services will let you deliver anything from anywhere from the cloud-based application. Many businesses combine a private cloud with a public cloud to create a powerful hybrid cloud.

Public cloud

A public cloud is a popular computing model used by many businesses. The service provider is responsible to create resources and make it available to everyone through the internet. Resources on each cloud can vary from one service provider to another. Public cloud offers scalability and resource sharing functionalities.

This is specially designed for redundancy. It helps to prevent data loss. Sometimes a service provider can store replicated information on various data centres. Whenever data loss happens, these replicated data can restore the information.

Benefits of public cloud

  • Improve security
  • Time-consuming
  • Save money
  • Free up IT talent

There are few public cloud service offers resources at zero price. Many people think over and over to opt for public cloud. Since this cloud maintains less security. If you’re one among them, you’re in a wrong belief. Public clouds offer high security. Service providers employes security experts to operate security functions. Also, it provides strict privacy policies to protect your information from being accessed by third party users. If you are looking for more security, then it’s time to leverage your public cloud within a hybrid environment.

The public cloud allows every user to share the required resources. Also, maintains the privacy of user’s information.

Hybrid cloud

Want to enjoy the benefits of private and public cloud? Do you think it’s possible? Yes!!! The hybrid cloud can simply merge the great features of a private and public cloud. It allows information and applications to be shared between them easily.

Hybrid cloud comes into the picture when computing and handling information fluctuates. Business gain control of flexibility and resource computing power for an everyday computing task. On the other hand, a hybrid cloud can keep track of every business application, safely behind an organization’s firewall.

Hybrid cloud can deliver outstanding security feature from a private cloud and easy-to-access feature from the public cloud. Hybrid cloud provides a business with a full-fledged cloud solution.

There are popular Hybrid cloud service providers such as

  • Amazon web services – It is an outstanding cloud service provider. This hybrid cloud includes storage, security, networking and management tools.
  • Cisco-Google – It’s an open cloud platform available for everyone.
  • HPE: The HPE cloud solution offers a personalized solution with respect to entrepreneurs demands.
  • Dell EMC – It concentrates heavily on bulk workload to achieve efficiency through digital transformation.
  • Red Hat – This amazing hybrid service provide great cloud products. It includes RedHat Openshift, Red Hat Cloud suite, etc.

Community clouds

Community clouds are defined as a recent variation on the private cloud model. It offers a comprehensive cloud solution for individual business communities. Organization share infrastructure offered by CSP for software. Also, development tools are specially built to meet community requirements. Additionally, every company has individual private cloud space. It is used to meet the high security and privacy policies that are often used in the community.

Keep it simple, community clouds are defined as a distributed system that is designed by integrating the resources or services of various clouds (public, private and hybrid) to address the individual needs of a company.

A community cloud can be the public, virtual private or hybrid cloud. If you’re running health or legal business, then community cloud is the best solution for you. Because these industries require strict regulatory compliance. Additionally, it works perfectly while managing two different projects. It is a benefit when you are sharing the same applications and development tools to build a product.

Benefits of using cloud computing

Cloud computing is referred to as storing and managing personal and business information over the internet.

How do you store the data? Of course, laptop or pen drive right. While considering cloud computing, you can store and access the data at your fingertips from a remote server.


Want to save money while storing data? Look no further than Cloud computing. Within a few simple clicks, you can store and access the data from the cloud. It’s a cost-effective approach and you don’t require an expert to maintain physical hardware.

Strategic edge

Cloud computing approach deals with a competitive edge over your niche competitors. Also, you can store and access the updated version of the application at any time and anywhere. You don’t need to spend time and money while installing.

High speed

Don’t have enough time to store your data? Then cloud computing will help you. By using cloud computing you can store and access the information and applications at any time without waiting for installation.

Easy backup and restoring data

The business holds confidential data. They always maintain a backup copy of every piece of information. But nowadays backup and restoring the file is considered as a daunting task. With an effective cloud computing, one can simply backup and restore valuable information.


Many marketers state that cloud computing offers reliability. How many of you agree? Almost everybody right. Whether you’re on the way to home or office, you can get updates whenever a new software service has been introduced in Cloud computing.

Unlimited storage capacity

Looking for limitless storage capacity? Cloud is the solution for you. You can store bulk information easily. If you want to expand the storage space, then go ahead you can expand your plan at the best price.


Nowadays remote working is on the trend. Many companies are offering their employees to work from the comfort of their home. Collaborating can be done effectively through cloud computing. It works smoothly when your team members are located in different locations to collaborate.

Characteristics of cloud computing

As cloud computing technology works hand-in-hand for e-commerce and technology companies. By using cloud computing features, it’s simple and easier for organization to improve the potential benefits.

  • On-demand self-service
  • Broad network access
  • Multi-tenancy and resource pooling
  • Rapid elasticity & scalability
  • Measured service

Final Thoughts

A few years ago, everybody uses hard drives and pen drive to store personal and business information. Now cloud computing has been replaced the old hard drive technology. In simple words, cloud computing is used to provide service to individual and organizations. The services can be storage, database, applications and servers through the internet. Whether you’re running a small business or large organization, adapt cloud computing approach and enjoy extraordinary features of it.

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