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Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

What platform are you concentrating most in this year?

You’re spending more time on Facebook, creating curated content on Twitter and posting high-quality images on Instagram – but you’re missing the important thing:


  • LinkedIn has more than 500 million registered members
  • Every month 260 million users are accessing
  • 43% of active users – monthly
  • It is used among fortune 500 organizations
  • Microsoft paid 26.2 billion dollars in 2016
  • 63 million mobile users per month
  • 44% of LinkedIn users are women
  • 3 million users share content per week

It’s no secret LinkedIn is one of the popular professional networks around the globe. The platform is a great fit for every organization, not only to promote their product but also build relationships with a potential audience.

It’s recommended that every business should create their own company account, as LinkedIn will be a great benefit in the long run. Your job is not done just by creating your company profile. You need to stay in touch with the audience and use LinkedIn to drive immense traffic and views to your website by sharing articles, new launch product or services on your website.

Still confused!!! Stick to the article, the following are popular LinkedIn marketing tips:

Create your personal LinkedIn profile

You might have a doubt – is this article relates to marketing the business?

Yes, it is…

Basically, people do business with people. That’s why it’s essential to create your personal LinkedIn account.

Get started with an effective LinkedIn profile, add your profile picture, company information and other important details. Whenever a person searches your name, they can find everything about you just by looking at your account.

Create an attractive profile, since profiles can be the first impression. Capture a pleasant photo and keep it as your profile picture. Whenever a person views your photo, a pleasant photo can turn to a positive impression. There are various approaches to impress viewers.

  • Upload your current photo
  • List your current position
  • Shoot for close to 100% completeness
  • Optimize over time
  • Add previous and new skills
  • Rewards and achievements
  • Summarize your experience and goals

Create your company page

Now the real game begins on LinkedIn.

Anyone with a company name and email id can create a company page at LinkedIn within a few minutes.

  • Head to interest -> a drop-down menu will appear, select companies
  • Create a company page by clicking on the create button
  • Enter your company name and email id
  • Tap on continue and then enter other important information

Think out of the box, make your company page more effective than your competitors. That page should offer opportunities for your ideal customers to learn more about your products or services.

Define your audience and goals

As a digital marketer, defining your goals and objectives is the best place to start.

Defining your audience and goals can drive your business success.

  • Who are your audiences?
  • Where are they from?
  • How frequently they’re visiting your website?
  • Are they students, employees or senior citizens? 
  • How much time they’re spending on your website?

Analyse everything possible and define your targeted audience.

Then, think about your business. What could your goal? Because setting a goal is important for every business. You can set a short-term or long-term goal, depending upon your interest.

Many people think that setting a goal is difficult – but they’re wrong.  All you need to select a theme, identify the required actions and stay committed.

  • Generating maximum leads
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Optimise content
  • Get more traffic, views and likes

Defining company goals at initial stages can result in huge ROI. Also, make your business succeeded in no time.

Connect with everyone

If you’re new to LinkedIn then you would say, “You’ll only follow the users who you already know”. You create your own boundaries, you surround with your friends, classmates or relatives. But, how can you expect to expand your business opportunities when you shut off the relationship to the rest of the 87 million members on LinkedIn.

Don’t miss an opportunity to expand your connection. Keep an eye on your competitors, analyse how they’re posting and get connected with their followers. If you want to get in front of your audience, then start a live networking event. Here you can introduce your brand product and services to the rest of the world. Appreciate new friends and start helping them if they require any help. Also, send and start accepting a friend request. The more you expand your network, the more opportunities you can gain.

Customize your website

Personalizing your website is a common thing that every business follow. Differentiate your website with effective CTA from competitors. Creating CTA’s are easy and simple. Depending upon your requirement create appropriate CTA’s. E-commerce business use CTA’s such as

  • Buy Now
  • Shop Now
  • Register
  • Login or Signup
  • Download

How can you make your website customizable? Just by creating attractive call-to-action buttons. These CTAs can grab attention when compared to generic links.

Create a CTA in an effective way. Whenever people visit your page, they feel inspired to click on your CTA and go back to your website.

Be compelling

It’s a cloud! It’s a rainbow! or it’s… your company page on LinkedIn?

Add an exciting your business story in summary. Recommend popular videos in the first five seconds. At least help your audience about your company – who you are, what are your products and how can you help the audience. Assist your audience in the right way when they visit your company page.

Recommend others

If you’re a true business person then you relay on “Help each other and grow together”. If you like a product or service of someone, appreciate and write the recommendation. Therefore you can gain high visibility on LinkedIn. When you recommend other pages on your profile, your brand awareness and credibility gets increased.

The more you give, the more you’ll receive!!! Follow this simple rule to get succeed.

Suprise them and recommend them without their knowledge. Hence it could be a better way to help their reach on social media. Also, it could make a bigger difference between a normal year and the best year for them.

Join related groups

Are you on LinkedIn? Yes…

How many LinkedIn groups do you have? 1 or 2 groups…

Can you extend your business opportunities with one or two groups? Pretty difficult right. No matter what type of business you’re running, there are thousands of related groups on LinkedIn. Join your niche group and get connected with your audience. Whenever someone post, give a thumbs up and provide valuable comments.

Also, if you launch any new product or service, post in a related group. Thereby you’re business get more reach. On the other hand, connect with your key partners and ultimately take your company to the top level. 

Optimize your LinkedIn page for search engines

It’s a known truth every LinkedIn company page has 1 thing in common – Audience.

How can your audience find your profile? In order to get visible at top search, you need to impress a search engine. Initially, optimize company page according to SEO rules and regulation.

Optimizing a page is important to 

Whether your potential customers are searching on a LinkedIn page or off, an optimized page has several advantages. It can gain visibility, trust among the audience searching for what your business offers.

The company profile should be designed according to SEO friendly

  • Insert keywords
  • Link to your company page
  • Share relevant content

Always remember an organic search and authentic content is what really matters. Once a visitor landed on your company page via organic search, you need to impress the visitor by providing compelling content.

Use high-quality media files

Would you like to prefer text rather than video? Absolutely no right. It’s a known truth the human brain can process media files faster than a plain text.

Social media and digital media goes hand-by-hand.

An image can receive six times more engagement than text. Cater your audience’s attention by providing visual media such as images, videos, gif, presentation, etc. 

Final Thoughts

As per recent reports, 93% of B2B digital markers feel that “LinkedIn” is the perfect platform to generate traffic, engagement and leads. According to marketing reports, 69% of popular websites are been found on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the successful social platform for every organization, in terms of finding out new talent and networking. Whether you’re running a small, medium or large company, LinkedIn will boost your business to drive huge traffic and conversions. Follow the mentioned marketing tips while you’re promoting your products or services on LinkedIn.

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