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Top 10 Digital Skills Every Tech Company Need

With the data transformation, many companies are investing in technology. Digitalization has become a part of daily life. Right from buying, and learning to bank transactions, everything is digitalized and everything is available with just a click away. However, machines aren’t that automated. It definitely needs a human touch. 

Companies must hire individuals who have well-built knowledge of digital skills. In fact, keeping up with trends increases your company’s flexibility, capabilities and productivity. Embedding digital skills in your company’s portfolio will direct you to a road of success. 

It is said that 80% of professionals need a fundamental knowledge of digital skills. If you are a newbie entering into the world of the market or into the job search. Have a refurbished knowledge of digital transformation and the importance of digital skills.

Here’s a pile of digital skills that an employee needs!!

1. Programming, web and app development

The core part of digital service is coding and many individuals are seeking out to learn programming language. It is very important to create solutions for the problems enhancing the power and performance of the computers. Programming is a vital source to speed up the input and output process.

A programming language is used to create website, application and internet products. Apart from this, programming is necessary to collect, analyze and display precise data.

A user surfs online on different devices. Utilizing a programming language provokes functionality and automation. It all depends on the UA/UX designer. A user must be able to effortlessly use the web or app once they land on it. Ensure that the website or an app must be responsive to create a consistent feel throughout their experience. 

Integrate your business goals with mobile apps this will increase the app utility. Mobile apps provoke user experience. Communication is paramount to create a great customer relationship. Mobile applications enhance brand visibility and act as a channel to provide all the information.

2. Digital Marketing

For a brand to reach into customer’s mind and heart, you will need Digital marketing. Focus only on what matters the most. The ultimate goal of marketing is to drive sales and generate ROI. 

Create a website and make use of it to push your brand online. The next is to drive traffic. You can do this by blogging and SEO. Utilize social media to build brand visibility and awareness. Although blogging can get regular visitors to your website, Offer value to your prospects to convert them into long-lasting customers. Present them free webinars or ebooks. 

To get customers to end of the funnel try using marketing strategies like case studies and email marketing. 

Above all set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Time-bound) marketing goals.

As the trends evolve customers get to adapt to the trends very quickly. To meet your customer needs, stay updated with the trends in marketing.

3. Social Media 

Social media generates brand visibility. It provides direct access to the customer and your clients. Social media has the power to turn communication into an interactive platform with customers. By using web applications you can promote your brand all over the world. In the era of the digital world, many businesses are into online advertising rather than using traditional advertisements. It is beneficial as it allows to reach out the new customers that increase visitors to the website. Social media enables brand exposure, get visitors and generate leads. 

Here’s why you need social media

  • Generate traffic
  • Customer interaction
  • Drive sales
  • Reputation management
  • Build customer relationship
  • Reach potential customers
  • Global Reach

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is any computing software that performs human-like functions. It is used by almost every business to maintain a competitive edge. Helps with the learning, planning and problem-solving. It can be used to solve the most complex issues and helps in the decision-making process.

Artificial intelligence helps customer relationship management. It is highly valuable as it monitors, predicts and resolves the issues. You don’t need any special security service, AI even does the job securing your desktops from malware and spyware. 

Merge your AI with regular banking services. AI presents you the right information at the right time without specially googling it.

5. Mobile expertise

Nowadays, smartphones are mostly used than desktops. It is in the ratio of 51 (mobiles):42 (desktops). Your strategies must align with mobile. Adapt to a mobile responsive website or develop an app. Then, optimize the customer journey for mobile. To drive better engagement leverage on mobile-optimized videos. According to the recent algorithm by Google, it displays the content whose website is optimized for mobile first indexing. 

Make sure that your website and the app must maintain relevancy and discoverable.

6. Data visualization

One thing that is common for website, apps and digital services is user interference. If you are a designer and can create compelling user interference, you have a great demand out there. Data visualization helps in scrutinying the complex data and make decisions.

7. Project management

Project management heart of any business. Best results are obtained only when everything is managed perfectly. One must have the ability to develop a service in a timely and cost-effective manner. Planning, organizing and implementing a plan at the right time is necessary. Project management is necessary to execute a plan at the right time.

A project manager must be able to drive the outcome within a fixed budget and specified time. You can use a project management tool to increase credibility and reach goals. 

8. Network and information security

Security is very important for any business. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues. Secure your business data with security software that can provide staunching security service.

A bit of loss in the data can make a whole company on the stay. A rise in technology can also raise security issues. Have a team that has a piece of basic knowledge on defending such security issues and help your company shield your company’s information from falling into hacker’s eye.

9. Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a software that a company utilises to analyse and enhance customer interactions throughout a customer journey. This is needed to assist a customer to improves customer retention and drive sales. You can use CRM software to manage customer information.

10. Data Analytics

A company has a huge pile of data worth generating a penny. A data scientist is highly required to collect, manage and analyse the data. Company’s make decisions based on the reports obtained after analysing the data. 

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