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Top 8 Online Cloud Storage Service Providing Websites

Whenever you visit a new place, you capture photos and videos. No matter what might be the situation – birthday party, festivals, marriage or during a seminar, capturing every moment of your life that can last forever. But what if you’re lacking out from the storage space? It’s probably the worst moment for you. Because such a moment doesn’t happen again. Some people store their media files in memory cards and hard drive. Everything that has stored in these mediums can be estimated in terms of the individual file size.

If you want to transfer your data between a desktop and a backup drive, a small expansion drive will work. There comes a situation where you need to back up every file from your computer, in such situation you require a larger drive.

You’re on the move and you would like to access the data. Connecting hard disk to your laptop could be a daunting task while travelling. Cloud storage can be your solution.

What is cloud storage?

A “Cloud” is a significant buzz word in this computing world. Cloud storage is a “cloud computing model” in which media files, documents are stored across multiple remote servers accessed via internet or cloud. A cloud service provider is responsible to maintain, operate and manged.

In other words,

Cloud storage is described as “the storage of information online in the cloud,” wherein your entire professional and personal information is stored in and accessible from various distributed and connected devices that include a cloud.

Types of cloud storage

  1. Public cloud storage
  2. Moblie cloud storage
  3. Private cloud storage
  4. Hybrid cloud storage

Benefits of cloud storage

Access from anywhere around the globe: Once you’ve stored data in the cloud, you can access from multiple locations through the internet.

Expand or contract whenever required: Cloud storage provides flexibility. You can increase or decrease the capacity of storage size according to your requirement. Hence you don’t need to pay for unused storage on the cloud.

Downtime protection: When you’re accessing a website, will you support downtime a website that has poor performance? Definitely no right. Therefore if a cloud server performance is poor, another cloud server will take initiative and process user request.

Better performance: A cloud storage enables cloud distributions of user request across various servers, that can reduce the loading time on every server. Ultimately, a user gets a faster response.

Cost-effective: Maintaining and managing in-house storage need specialized software and other external resources. Cloud storage requires a few dollars to maintain and manage.

If you’re looking for an effective storage option through cloud websites? The great news is, cloud storage portals have introduced free signup and other services.

Following are popular cloud storage service providers:


Dropbox is a smart workspace that is specially designed to reduce busywork. Thereby you could concentrate on other things that really matter for you. It works effectively for teams and individuals.

Keep your personal and professional data organized effectively without breaking the flow. Using Dropbox, you can store everything under a single roof. Therefore you can easily find your data in no time. No need to waste your time on tracking your work, you could access your data anywhere and anytime.


  • As much space as required
  • Best-in-class synchronization technique
  • Secured data sharing
  • Access around the globe at anytime
  • Remote device wipe and watermarking
  • Shared link controls
  • Dropbox paper
  • Priority email, chat and call

The attractive feature is, dropbox is specially created for collaboration. You can simply share large files such as powerpoint presentations, movies with anyone.

Pricing: Dropbox Pro plan starts at $9.99 per month (100GB).

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a leading cloud storage service provider introduced by Microsoft.

OneDrive can effective integrates with MS Office, therefore you can easily access excel sheets, documents, presentations in OneDrive. Also, you can edit the files or share data on the move. It’s is free online cloud storage for your work and personal data.

Login and access to Microsoft services right from Ms Office and Edge to Xbox and MSN.  With an authentic username and password, you get access through every Microsoft product. Sounds interesting right? It carry-out amazing features to satisfy as per users concern.

Access important files anywhere and anytime. There are few services that allow sharing the files only whenever the internet is connected to phone, tablet or desktop. But Microsoft OneDrive you can share files during offline. It means you can always have access to data whenever you need.

  • Easy to start: Get started with Microsoft OneDrive can be done within a few single clicks.
  • Security: Change your password and update security data whenever required. Also, it keeps your account information up-to-date.
  • Privacy: OneDrive ensures more security and privacy. You can review your previous search history, location activity, etc.
  • Payment and billing: This tool can update your transaction details, track your every order history and get amazing gift cards. On top of everything, it helps in billing.
  • Subscriptions: No need to wait for weeks and month to get OneDrive subscription. Microsoft OneDrive can renew and handle your subscription and services under one roof.

Pricing: Microsoft OneDrive premium plan starts at Euro 5.99 per month.


If you’re using Mac operating system then you could’ve familiar with a buzzword “iCloud”. It is in-build service into all Apple devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet and more. All your data is safe and accessible whenever you require.

You can access iCloud Drive on Windows operating system. The great news is, you’re not limited into Mac ecosystem. iCloud offers extraordinary features than just accessing your data. It allows you to access images, contacts, calendars, pdf, videos, etc from whatever device you’re on. Everyone will get 5GB cloud storage for free to get a start and it’s easy to extend the subscription plan whenever you required.

Organize all your files effectively. iCloud Drive allows you to organize every file with a specific folder. Also, you can rename as per your choice and tag people with favourite colours. The modification done on a single platform can be reflected on other devices.

Google Drive

Is there anybody who is unaware of Google? Nobody right. Whether you’re a student or a senior citizen. Can you imagine your lives without Google? Can’t even imagine right. Because Google is playing an imperative role in everyone’s lives. Be it browsing for information to storing important files.

Google Drive is a secured place for personal and business files. At Google Drive, you can store any file aKeep your files such as pictures, videos, pdf, audio, etc. Get started with Google Account and get 15 GB of free storage in Google Drive.

Access the data from any device such as mobile, tablet or desktop. So wherever you go, your data follows you. Interesting right? Also, sharing files and folders is easy, you can invite others to open or download the file. No need to compose an email attachment.


  • Boost productivity with AI
  • Supercharge teamwork
  • Streamline workflows
  • Automated organization
  • Instant insights
  • Fast access to the right file
  • Enterprise-grade security

Pricing: Google Drive basic plan starts at $1.99 per month (100GB).


Want to store important files easily? Look no further than MediaFire. It is an easy to use cloud storage service provider that lets you store and access photos, recording, video, documents at one destination.

Share: Want to share an important document with your team? Here you go. Within a few simple clicks, you can share a file through email, link or social media. Also, MediaFire provides an unlimited ad-supported download in no time.

Collaborate: If you would like to compose a larger file, all you need to store in a folder. Share the project file easily over the internet.

Store: Signup with MediaFire and get 10GB cloud storage data for free. Also, get upto 50 GB additionally as bonuses. Store photos, videos, documents, audio, gif, pdf easily.

Access: Get a chance to access your files on the move. With MediaFire, you can view, edit, manage, update and share data around the globe.

  • 10GB free
  • Unlimited bandwidth and download
  • Easily share after uploading
  • Organize flexibly
  • One-time links

Pricing: MediaFire Pro plan starts at $5 per month.


Looking for cost-effective cloud storage service? Sync.com is the best option for you. It provides free cloud storage – 5GB. If you’re planning to backup files, then with Sync restoring data is simple. Many users prefer Sync.com among all the services because it restores the deleted files. Hence the user can be tension free of losing an important file.

By using Sync.com one can store, share, edit and access information anywhere and anytime. Never ever worry about hackers, Sync protects your data using end-to-end encryption techniques. Also ensure that every file is safe, secure and 100% protected. Regardless of your file type, you can share any file quickly.

Pricing: Sync.com Business Solo plan starts at $10 per month.


pCloud cloud storage is the best place for the one who is looking for a secure encrypted service. pCloud is the leading secure cloud storage platform. You can easily store, share, edit and work on your files. With pCloud, you can effectively store the information from various devices to single cloud space. Also, you can access the data on mobiles, desktop or tablet anywhere and anytime.


  • Access on all devices
  • Share & collaborate
  • Unbreakable security

Register and avail 10 GB free cloud storage or you can signup through Facebook or Google account. Upload the files, send and receive files with your team or family. pCloud offers high security – it integrates ‘pCloud Crypto’ to ensures a high level of confidentiality. 

Pricing: pCloud premium plan starts at $175 onwards.


Mega is a safe and secure cloud storage platform. It ensures privacy by it’s design. Create your account today and enjoy 50 GB free cloud storage space. With Mega storing small and large days is simple and flexible. It enables end-to-end encryption, therefore your data is under high control. Don’t get panic while transferring your files, you can share messages and other files with MEGA’s end-to-end encrypted chat.

The MEGA outstanding business solution, the cloud storage service has the capability to take your business data and communication to the top level.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Automated synchronization
  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Secure team conversation
  • File versioning
  • User management

Pricing: Mega personal account starts at Euro 4.99 per month. The business account starts at Euro 10 per month.

Final Thoughts

Cloud storage is an effective way to store and access data through the internet. It is used for both personal and business purposes. These cloud storage are responsible for keeping the files available, managed and protected. Many people prefer cloud storage services to store and send the file across the globe. Follow the above cloud storage service providers and pick the best one according to your requirement.

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