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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

The battle for talent has become a battle for skills. The HR team is struggling harder to find a skilled employee. If you’re running a small business, everything you manage with a single hand. Right from recruiting to paying salaries for your employers. For a small organization,  It’s hard to execute every process without errors.

“Recruitment Process Outsourcing” is a powerful industry that has been developed from traditional recruiting. Yes, you’ve heard it right. In simple terms “Recruitment Process Outsourcing” is a kind of “Business Process Outsourcing”. Here a business owner can transfer everything or a specific process of its recruitment methods to an external service provider.

An RPO provider can implement an individual approach to recruit or can assume the organization’s team, technology, methodologies and reporting. With respect to the industry, RPO works in a unique approach. Almost in every situation, RPO varies considerably from providers such as recruiting businesses and retained search providers. Also, assumes leadership of the management, testing and design of the recruitment method and the responsibility of results.

Importance of RPO

Recruitment process outsourcing is helping every recruiter locate right candidate locally and globally. Small and large companies are making the great advantage of RPO because they’re flexible, effective and provides many benefits.

The third-party recruitment process outsourcing vendor is responsible for recruiting employee into that company. When managed effectively with a quality provider and RPO can greatly reduce time to recruit by 50% and deliver a cost-effective approach.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is more than filling open positions. RPO is about improving a business recruitment procedure. An RPO is popularly called as ‘People-Process-Technology’ approach with an element of the consultative activity. An RPO provider just acts as an extension of your business resourcing function. It can effectively deliver the right staff, technology, design and methodology that is needed to fulfil a clients recruitment requirements.

Difference between RPO & traditional recruiting teams?

The range of traditional recruitment businesses will be to schedule and select the candidate for a required position. Whereas an RPO provider is responsible for designing and execution of the candidate recruitment procedure which includes incredible services like:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Talent engagement
  • Candidate management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Hiring manager engagement
  • Recruitment analytics support

RPO undergoes into four stages such as Source, Screen, Recruit and Report.

Traditional outsourcing

  • Employer brand consultation
  • Vendor partnering and supply chain management
  • Workforce planning
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Early careers/graduate recruitment

Traditional outsourcing undergoes into three stages such as Planning, Recruitment and Employee Selection.

Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Whenever you order a product online or offline, one of the primary consideration is ‘How the product will help you’. If your planning to adapt RPO for your company, then you’re on the right track. One that truly understands the company culture, values, objectives and goals, can be enormous.

Reduce cost per hire: RPO is a cost-effective approach. You can save your business money by decreasing your total cost-per-hire. It can regularly decrease by 50% and above.

Shorten period to hire: If you want to hire a candidate immediately, the opt for RPO is a great choice for you. It can easily reduce time-to-hire by over 50%.

Quality of hires: The RPO team invest their resource, effort and time into sourcing, searching and presenting. RPO team hires quality candidates and rejects the candidate with fewer skills. Referral activation is a unique feature of ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing’.

Manage fewer suppliers: Flexibly tailor your overall recruitment panel to hiring and ensuring you to drive efficiency and quality.

Improve the quality of hire: As per recent reports, high-quality recruitment will improve quality and productivity for companies. While RPO procedures ensure to deliver world-class assessment candidate to make even more perfect decisions.

Scalable Model: If you’re planning to expand the business, it’s obvious you require more staff to manage your business. While if you’re fancying downsizing then RPO team can be adaptable for any kind of situation. Here they can scale their team up & down when required. Here client will pay only for what they’ve received. Nothing more and nothing less. RPO team are highly flexible and you can easily adapt to every situation.

Gain transparency via reporting: Easily measure and track overall performance through reporting on KPI and SLA.

KPI – Key performance indicators

SLA – Service level agreements

Outstanding recruitment process: If you’re following a poor recruitment strategy, then RPO providers can re-engineer your recruiting procedure. Therefore maintaining consistency while recruitment can make work progress in an effective way.

Say no to direct advertising: It’s a known fact that advertising is pretty expensive. When an organization engages with a perfect RPO agent they effectively cut back on such expenditure. You don’t need to worry about posting and managing a job ad on portals. Since RPO firms are completely responsible to hire the candidates. The team has every resource for tracking the best available candidates.

How does an RPO provider help you?

An RPO provider can make your business life simple and easy. It can free up your time by offloading a difficult process. The task can be posting a job opportunity on Naukri, monster and LinkedIn. Searching for passive candidates and finding their contact information. RPO agent can save your time by using ‘accent neutral callers’ to screen the candidate by asking qualifying questions.

Reduced cost is a major benefit of choosing RPO. RPO agent has a clear idea about ‘How to select’ and ‘Whom to select’. RPO team will take care of your company recruitment process. Relax and watch out passive candidate joining in your organization. The RPO team will provide the right candidate for the right position. RPO team makes your RPO process easier. When a perfect match is made for organization and candidate, hence turnover will gradually decrease.

Final Thoughts

Though many businesses take advantage of ‘Recruitment process outsourcing’, but there are few companies who don’t know the benefits of RPO. While some companies get stick to traditional recruiting because that’s the only way it’s working from decades. But the fact is opting for RPO can reduce your recruitment costs and time, increases candidate quality, scalable recruiting capacity and more.  

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