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Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital marketing is one of the popular buzzwords you could’ve come across the meetings or group discussions in your company.

What is digital marketing?

In simple terms, digital marketing refers to advertising products or services via digital channels. There are a wide range of digital channels introduced in the market. Channels like social media, email, UX design, search engine, press release, website, blogging, guest posting, web applications or new digital channel. It covers a massive range of business marketing activities.

That’s the main reason digital marketing has been a centre from the past few decades. Also, the best part of digital marketing is, it can work perfectly online and offline. 

Paid search

If you’re digital marketing, then you surely have an idea about PPC

PPC stands for “Paid-Per-Click”. PPC marketing can be a complicated digital marketing channel. Creating and managing campaigns can be a daunting task for many digital marketers. But, when you implement PPC marketing in the right way, your traffic and conversion levels get increased in a quick way.

There are three types of ads such as

  • Text ads
  • Display ads and
  • Shopping ads

PPC marketing is an amazing advertising platform where digital marketer doesn’t spend money by a number of impressions or views. You need to pay money whenever a user clicked on your ad while searching for something on search engines.

While creating a PPC campaign, one should concentrate more on bidding. Because the bidding amount can affect the placement on search engines.

What are the benefits of PPC?

Following are major benefit by using PPC marketing for your business:

Speed: If you’re running a PPC campaign, then you can easily drive maximum traffic to your website in a quick way. Always manage your campaign in an effective way to generate maximum traffic and conversions.

Precision: When you know about your audience, you can easily drive maximum ROI. Create your potential audience and display your campaign whenever they require – especially while search & shopping networks.

Agility: If you’re looking for performance information, here you go with PPC. The data is available whenever you request. By using performance data, you can easily make the required adjustment for your ad. Also, improve the success rate of your campaign.

Measurement: With amazing traffic and conversion tracking, an advertiser can look for their ROI of a specific campaign.

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have revolutionized the way everyone looks at technology. Apart from entertainment and shopping website, VR and AR have introduced several latest advancement and powerful technologies in digital marketing too.

It’s an open fact that these two technologies are ruling the world. Also, they are changing the digital marketing approaches to the organization. Many small and large companies are focusing more on these two technologies. Additionally, developers are investing more in VR and AR technologies.

These technologies have already exploded in popularity from the past few years. Also, it has become a popular digital marketing trend in no time. AR and VR technologies are being used by big companies such as Ikea, Coco-Cola, etc.

Interactive content

Many content writers and digital marketer understand the true value of interactive content. Because creating and posting interactive content can educate and entertain your potential audience. As a result, the engagement gets increased gradually.

Interactive content is a process of having an interaction with your potential customers. Generally, interactive content provides a powerful interaction between the business and the audience.

Benefits of using interactive content

  • Increase engagement rate
  • Capture relevant information
  • Improves brand loyalty
  • Customers always like to interact
  • Visitor can stay on your website for longer time

If you’re looking for different types of interactive content then have a look below

Interactive infographics

It’s no secret infographics are the most interactive and sharable type of content. If you’re not providing infographics in your content, then implement this strategy now.

Interactive videos

Most people like watching a video rather than reading a plain text. How many of you agree with this statement? Almost everyone right. These days video consumption is truly on the rise. Also, this digital marketing trend will keep on growing in the future as well.

Polls & surveys

Whenever a customer purchases a product, request them for feedback. Polls & surveys are used to get reviews and feedback on the product purchased. Also, you can find new user information through pools. Though it is a traditional approach using from decades, many companies are implementing these techniques and have been succeeded across time.

Polls: These are placed at the lower section of a website. It requires basic information.

Surveys: It is pretty complex and needs more interaction.

Social messaging apps

Is there anyone unaware of Message and WhatsApp? Nobody right. Social messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike, WeChat, etc are used to stay connected with your dear ones around the globe. On the other hand, businesses are using these applications to interact with their prospects anytime and anywhere. Also, a customer pays more attention to direct interaction with business. In addition, these apps allow for amazing personalized digital marketing, which you know everyone like it.

Benefits of using social messaging apps

  • Establish direct contact with prospects
  • Builds trust and loyalty towards your brands
  • Educate your customer about your products or services
  • Boosting sales
  • Send an invitation to everyone to events
  • Provide incredible customer support
  • Regaining your potential users


“SEO in digital marketing”, imagine you have come across a storyboard that has a mobile picture. But there is no name, no price, no specification on the board. Will you dare to order such type of product? You simply ignore right. Besides, even customers don’t get attracts towards such type of products.

Consider another mobile, now you’ve mentioned complete information – name, price, specification, delivery date and more. While providing product details, the customer can easily get attract and also the chances of placing an order can be high.

This can be applied during offline promotions. Considering the online promotion of your brand, you need to strongly focus on SEO. Yes, you heard it right.

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of driving traffic organically on search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo are the popular search engines. SEO is the process of optimizing your website and making it available on a search engine. By using SEO strategies in the right way, you can easily crawl and categorize your website. Search engine optimization is an important aspect of every marketing strategy.

How does SEO work?

A search engine uses software to crawl and categorize your website (content and visual). Also, this software undergoes various stages to display the desired results. It includes

  • Crawling
  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Measures the performance
  • Recover the webpage content

Many digital marketers pay less attention towards website URL, page design and meta title and description. If you want to increase the quality score of your website, focus on

  • Website URL
  • Provide interactive content
  • Include keywords in meta title and meta description
  • Characteristics of link
  • Page design
  • Include an internal and external backlink
  • Concentrate more on link building

There are a lot many benefits of implementing SEO for your brand. Few among them are, SEO provides effective user experience and drives higher conversion. Also, promotes amazing cost management. Do you know, SEO increases brand credibility and helps to create awareness.

Email marketing

How do you interact with your customers? Basically through SMS or social messaging apps right. Have you ever considered an email to communicate with your prospects? If you’ve not implemented an email marketing strategy, then you’re missing out something big.

Today’s digital marketers should do more with less. Marketers need ton with their prospects in a personalized manner while staying on budget. If you’re one among them – Email marketing is the perfect way for you. With an email, you can stay connected with your business prospects in a personalized way. As a result, this strategy generates maximum revenue in a short period. Also, by sending an effective email you can convert business prospects into customers.

What are the benefits of using email marketing?

  • Email is an open platform that lasts forever
  • An email has a wider reach
  • Deliver your commercial message on time
  • Drives maximum conversions
  • High ROI
  • Convenient communication medium

Email marketing has been introduced several years ago. Many businesses are adopting this strategy for a good reason.

Reasons for using email marketing for your business

Leading communication channel: Do you know 80% of customers open their email every day? Yes, they check open for personal and professional purpose. Therefore, businesses are using email marketing as a primary strategy and sending a commercial message to their prospects.

You are responsible for your list: While using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, there may be chances of deleted your account for some reason, without informing you. While considering email, nobody can delete or suspend your account. Besides, you can build your own email list – clients or prospects. Apart from you, nobody can control your list.

Effective email can convert better: Create a personalized email and attract your customer. The information should be plain and interactive. Additionally, mention products that you’re selling, include discounts, deals, coupons if any.

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