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SEO Trends for 2019

SEO a never never-ending process, yet the most considerable part of your business. Likewise, you will have to prepare a strategy that matches with your business goals because anything with the right tactic can present you the fruitful results. Perform an audit log that can save you time. With the audit, you can prioritize the things depending on your website. 

SEO is not only about setting up a series of keywords to right but it is also meant for enhancing the user experience.

Getting back to the benefits of SEO,

  • Induces user experience
  • Generates leads and conversion
  • Low advertising costs because you can generate most of the leads through right SEO tactics
  • A search is equal to a sale
  • Brand awareness
  • Occupy a position in the market
  • Enhances social media presence
  • Drives long term results

You need time and patience to rank your website high. In fact, the right SEO strategy can get you the fruitful results. 

Do you want to know the best SEO trends that can be implemented in your marketing stream to veer your business?

Stick with the article and note all the trends that can get you new prospects.

Optimize your headline and title

Include the right keywords on your page to attract the right customers. A title tag is of great importance in the search engine. Add the closure relevant keywords at the beginning of your content to get the best results. Consequently, add keywords in the title as well as in the headlines. H1 is an important heading so a keyword is must in the headline.

Do you have any PPC campaigns running?

If yes, you can include these keyword inserted titles in your campaigns. Including SEO in the PPC, the title can get you even more conversions.

Likewise, include the right keywords in the meta description as well. This is done to optimize the meta description to convince people to open your link.

Customer experience

Firstly, know what your user needs? Like the type of content they prefer. A video, text or audio. A user will always search for answers online, make sure your content displays as an answer. As a result, deliver the simplest form of content that is easily understood by your audience. 

As the trends keep evolving it is important to adjust your strategies according to the trends. Keep an eye on SERPS and check whether the websites are ranked based on the targeted words.

To increase the anticipation in a user’s mind, deliver content by answering to the follow-up questions.

Deliver unique content

Pitch your content and be consistent. Traffic on your website depends on the quality of your content. You need to post your content so that Google can know your website is active. Create content that solves a problem, motivates and educates people. When you deliver unique content, chances are high that can get backlinks. Moreover, backlinks are another of driving traffic to your website. Google sometimes will keep your content on the top of the search engine to see how users are interacting with your content. It makes use of machine learning to test the quality of your content. Always come up with new ideas to write your blog posts or write a blog post by answering the questions by inducing the keywords.

Compress and optimize images

Images occupy the largest spaces on the website and they also occupy most space when viewed thereby it longer to load. This has an impact on conversions. An image takes up time to load when it is not compressed to its physical size. 

To compress an image without affecting its quality you can use tools like Smush for WordPress, or short pixel. You can also compress an image while uploading using TinyPNG. Search for “srcset” HTML to download a specific image from the website.

Improve site speed

The conversions and traffic to your website depending on the loading time of your page. The average loading time of a website must be around 2.9 seconds. Conflicts and the databases may take longer to load. In order to reduce this use least number of plugins. Remove all the plugin clutter and instead embed CTA’s into your website this not only reduces the loading time but also increases the conversions. The lesser the loading time people are more likely to visit your website.

Interlink your website with relevant keywords and with other websites

Interlinking is one of the potent techniques with lesser risks than backlinks. Link your page with the specific keywords and anchor text. Moreover, you will have full control over it. When you post a new content link you page with the relevant content on your website. You can also update some of your old content and interlink with the new page within your website. 

Consequently, if you want to get linked with other websites rather than yours. Share other peoples content on the website addressing them the credits. This is done in order to get linked yourself. For instance, if you found a content that is relevant to your website, you can share it on your page. SO, next time when others find something interesting on your page they might share it. This increases brand visibility and gets prospects to your website.

Google searches for the best content by utilizing backlinks and will rank on the top of the search engine. 

Follow E-A-T guidelines

E-A-T is nothing but setting Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. EAT is Google’s search quality rankings. These guidelines will help an SEO’s to understand that the quality comes with the context. You need to provide authoritative content to rank on the top. 

To induce the element of expertise, develop a level of professionalism in your niche. Google will always look for the expertise piece of content to amp up their results.

Invest in technical SEO

As technology keeps evolving with its new updates, it is lucrative to invest in technical SEO.

Here are some areas where you need to focus on,

  • Speed

Website will be faster and simpler as Google rewards the websites with the efficient speed.

  • Javascript

Website will be driven by javascript. So, you need to familiar with the basics of java to hit your website with SEO.


With the trends, there will be a change in user behaviour. You need to keep up the trends in order to fulfil the user need. Find the right keywords and place them in your content for the people to easily get to your website. Therefore, it increases the traffic as well as the conversions. This year it is not only about SEO there will be a lot more changes in the world of digital marketing.

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