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Top 10 Content Management System Software

Want to attract more visitors? Planning to keep them around? Then you need to make sure that you offer quality and unique content. Plan a strategy while creating content for your website. Make the content attractive by including text, images, gif, video, audio and graphics. By including everyone in your content can lead to a positive impact on search engines.

If you want to engage with your clients or customers, then you need to constantly revise, updating, maintain content in a perfect manner. If you’re running a fashion or technology blog, maintaining your blog could be a daunting task. By using ‘Content Management System’, you can create and publish content like text or multimedia elements collectively through a graphical UI (user interface).

The term CMS is also called as – Content Management System.

Whether you’re running a small or large company, you often require CMS to create and manage content on your website. Also, CMS is used to administrate and share content on social media. 

If you’re planning to invest in high-quality content management tool for your requirements, this article will help you. Following are popular CMS software for a small, medium and large business.


Planning to connect with ideas and potential customers? Choose Confluence CMS tool for your business. You can create and share a document by using file-sharing software. Confluence will always be a step forward – create and collaborate. You can open and access your file anywhere and anytime. It helps your team members and management to work in the best possible way. Connecting people with Confluence tools is easy.


  • Easy to use templates
  • Task tracking
  • Robust search filters
  • Flexible webpage permissions
  • Page history and real-time notifications
  • Page labels for a powerful organization

Create an effective webpage: Confluence offers thousands of templates to use. Also, you can use your personal images or video files from your desktop or laptop.

Work better together: Improve your work efficiently by editing and managing your content. Providing feedback through inline or webpage comments. 

Keep it organized: By using access controls, you can allow permission to open, edit, modify or update the content in the document. These content can be obtained by a dedicated team.

Pricing: Confluence starter plan starts at USD 10 per month.


Want to get maximum views to your content? Then you need to turn your website content into a visual story. Basically, everyone prefers to read a story rather than a plain text. Create a visual story and make it available to your audience on their devices.

Maglr is the best tool for digital marketers and web designers. Amazing speed and easy to use tool for the marker. Precision & creative freedom for a web designer.

Planning to convert plain content into a meaningful visual and compelling story? Maglr will do it for you. The amazing thing is – you don’t need to be a technical expert to handle Maglr.

Maglr works in 3 simple stages

  • Convert your plain content into a visual story
  • After creating a visual story, make it available for all devices
  • Publish the story and analyse your reader’s behaviour

Pricing: Maglr business plan starts at Euro 200 per month.


Contentful is a flexible CMS software that allows you to publish content around all platforms. Create effective content and publish it anytime and anywhere within few simple steps.

If you’re an editor then you probably face many problems while editing a document. With Contentful software, you can manage content in an interactive way through the easy-to-use interface. On the other hand, a web developer can deliver their content with the required coding language. Also, select a template framework according to their choice.


  • Launch digital products effectively
  • Create an amazing experience
  • Create, edit and save content from a single interface

Pricing: Contentful Micro Space starts at $39 per month.

Third Light

Have you ever heard about Third Light? Many times right. Third Light is a popular content management system platform around the globe. Everything can be done in a few simple clicks. Yes, you heard it right. This tool allows you to create, organize, edit, share, search, maintain and download any digital document in a secure way.

Third Light enables everything (publishing to sharing) under one roof. Also, this platform brings together every file to everyone. The ‘Digital Asset Management Tool’ is responsible to manage your content, images, videos, gif and other files in a central workspace.

  • Search, share and create files using effective tools
  • Work flexibly with various file types
  • Maintaining and managing larger file is ease
  • Take a free Third Light trail for 30 days
  • Give permissions for your people

Pricing: Third Light standard plan starts at Euro 230 per month.


Is there anyone who’s unaware of the term – WordPress? Nobody right. WordPress is a leading CMS platform. This platform is completely based on two programming languages – PHP & MySQL.

Creating a website or blog can be done as simple as peeling a banana. You don’t need to pay a single penny while creating a website with WordPress. WordPress offers with a wide range of personalized themes and designs. Explore and select the best one that perfectly opts for your content.

In simple terms, WordPress is defined as a hosting tool that allows you to publish content online.

Get started with WordPress today by

  • Build a strong website or blog. With respect to your choice, create an amazing website (fashion, travel or business).
  • During initial stages, choose for a free plan. Later upgrade for advancements such as security, personalization and optimization tools.
  • By adding a custom domain to carve out your place online and handle it through WordPress.


Here comes another leading content management tool – Squarespace. Many big brands prefer Squarespace to manage their web content effectively. Do you know, Squarespace and WordPress have introduced around the same period? Yes. The key difference among these two tools is, Squarespace is not open-source software. Therefore you cannot download it from the Play Store or App Store.

It’s obvious that powerful tool cannot come for free. Invest in Squarespace and generate maximum visitors to your website. It is an integrated website builder and amazing blogging tool. By using Squarespace one can build their website without any earlier web development and testing experience.   

Pricing: Squarespace personal plan starts from $12 onwards (per month).


Sitecore is the best option for the one who is planning to invest in integrated .NET, CMS platform and e-commerce software. Digital experience has made even more simple, Sitecore offers amazing experiences for your users. Because your users buy experiences, not your products or services. With effective industry-leading CMS, it empowers business to deliver amazing digital practices that resonate.

It’s time to concentrate on your content lifecycle. At ‘Sitecore content hub’ you can easily manage each and every aspect of your business marketing content for every channel through an integrated solution.

With Sitecore, you can easily manage every digital asset. No more browsing, stop searching from various sources to find out what you require. Centralize every asset with a DAM solution. Keep everyone in your team sync around the complete content work process. Also, take charge of your product content.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Sitecore connector – Adobe InDesign
  • Predefined content models

Pricing: Sitecore plan starts from $40,000 per month.


Hurray!!! Do you know, Joomla is the best way to build and manage your website or blog. The major reason why many people prefer Joomla among other CMS – Joomla is open software. 

Joomla is also an award-winning CMS, that enables you to create a beautiful website and robust online applications. Look no further for temples, Joomla offers over ten thousand templates for their users. This tool is available in 76 languages.

Adapt the attractive features of Joomla

  • Search engine friendly
  • Mobile friendly
  • Unlimited design
  • Multilingual
  • Flexible
  • Completely extensible
  • Multi-user permission levels

 Pricing: Joomla basic plan starts at $200 per month.


The Box is the go-to software for the people who are planning to buy a secure CMS tool. For most business, sharing confidential data can be a daunting task. With Box, you need not be worried while sharing folders or documents with anyone.

Sharing important files from Box is a simple task. Just drag-and-drop required documents into a folder and share that specific link to required people. Additionally, you can even manage document access permission. If you want to collaborate, you can do it a few simple seconds, no matter what you’re device might be.

The attracting thing about Box is it often stores every file at one secured place. No matter whether you’re on the way to home or office, you can access files anywhere and anytime. Box Notes help you to effectively collaborate with your employees or clients in real-time.


Shopify is another leading e-commerce destination that is specifically designed for small business. It helps greatly for companies that require reliable and safe e-commerce services. Shopify works perfectly on every device. Also, you can customize a Shopify tool with respect to your business requirements.

Build your business with Shopify today – begin, run and drive maximum growth to your business. You don’t need to be an expert to manage your content on Shopify. With a powerful dashboard, you can maintain and manage complete data. Whether you would like to manage payments or shipping details – you can access on the go.

Pricing: Shopify basic plan starts at $29 per month.

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