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Top 10 Internet Security Software for Business

The rate of cyber crimes are increasing day after day. It is very important to secure your mobile phones and desktops with security software that can eradicate all the malware.

Security is the mainstay for any type of business as you tend to store a bunch of data regarding your projects, client information, banking and financial details of your company . A bit loss of data may get you into a huge loss. Every link you click, the app you download and network you join. Everything provides an opportunity for hackers to steal your data. You need to arm your desktops and mobiles with powerful security that can encrypt the data securely.

Securing your mobile phones is as important as securing your desktops as everything is mobile centered. Right from shopping online to transactions you make smart phones are used in paramount. As a business holder you must shield both your smartphones as well as your desktops. For this you will need a staunching security software that can disseminate the security to your devices.

Here is few such software that shields your company from cyber crimes and malware theft.

1. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a free antivirus that protects your windows, mac OS and Android devices and desktops from threats. It is fast,easy to use and detects the malware in real time by monitoring your apps and takes instant action.  It’s scan engines will remove all the ransomware and spyware by protecting your business from all the intruders. Secure your passwords with the Bitdefender Anti phishing. The exceptional filtering systems will detect suspicious web pages and out of all, it prevents your financial codes from falling into wrong hands. Bitdefender is free of ad interruptions.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick install
  • Suitable for image, video editing and resource-intensive applications
  • Power packed with intense protection

2. ESET Secure Business

ESET Secure Business is business security management software. It Protects your device from,

  • Repeated attacks
  • Shields from ransomware
  • Loss of data through email gateway
  • Remote management


  • End to end security
  • Advanced security for all file storage and servers
  • Mail security
  • Flexible
  • Automated security management


$231/year/5 devices

3. Avast for business

You might be quite familiar with how cyber security cases are increasing. You will need a vast security services that prevents from the intruders to steal your data. One such security software is Avast for business which is suitable for all types of business. It is quicker smart and reliable. Its security products protect you devices from any cyber threats and malware. Monitors and resolves issues providing endpoint security. Avast is a advanced software can easily integrates the security services for all the businesses and IT sectors.


  • Antivirus
  • Secured email and web gateways
  • Patch management
  • Data recovery
  • Secured email services
  • Filters the content

4. Norton security

Norton security protects and enhances security services. Its superior design enhances performance and induces protection. You can use this software on android device, mac, and windows. Norton security is artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning based software that provides multi-layered protection. It removes malware as well as identity theft. Norton has got updated with new features like VPN and safe cam that ensures a safe online journey. It presents you with a Life Lock which protects your personal data.

5. Malwarebytes anti-malware for business

Malwarebytes is a security software that detects cyber malware. Its remediation protects and provides seven layers of signature-based or signature less endpoint security. Protects your windows or Mac with the endpoint security against cyber crime. With its vast visibility, it detects suspicious problems and ensures endpoint security. Detection and security are starting steps for any security software. Remediation is the core part of security that provides protection on the long run.


  • Endpoint protection and response
  • Protection
  • Remediation


  • Malware bytes protection: $699.90/10 devices/year

6. Endpoint Protector

Endpoint protector is a data loss prevention software. It is a Gartner magic quadrant security software that ehances the protection against data loss. It monitors and controls confidential data loss through emails and other applications. It manages devices like USB, printers and network ports like WiFi. It encrypts and shields the data present in the USB device. Endpoint protector imposes remediation activities induces vast visibility and encrypts data stored in the PCs. It also manages iOS and Android devices.



  • Easy lock Encryption – € 16, 99
  • Carry it easy +plus – € 16,95

7. F-Secure Antivirus

F-Secure Anti-virus is security software that protects your device against any spyware and malware by automatically updating security services. No system lagging, You can use it with ease. It provides protection against spyware, viruses, and data loss through emails. Its automatic updates and real-time scrutiny will ensure the fastest protection.


  • €39.90/1 PC/1 year
  • €49.90/4 PC’s/year

8. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Webroot will give the complete protection for your device without slowing down your computer. Do you know that your financial information and banking info can be stolen by hackers while your shopping? Yes, they do it by tracking your shopping stats. No worries, web root can offer you complete protection for all your passwords, safe banking and overall protection from malware.


  • Scans with no interruptions
  • Protects from identity theft
  • Doesn’t consume excess time for updates
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Safely secures Auto fill passwords
  • Defenses from online tracing
  • Presents you additional 25 GB storage


  • Antivirus for PC and Mac – $29.99/device/year
  • Internet security plus for all devices – $44.99/3 devices/year
  • Internet security complete for all devices with additional 25 GB storage – 59.99/5 devices/year

9. Acunetix

Hackers mainly concentrate on web applications like shopping carts, forms and login pages. To prevent from such security threatens Acunetix provides security against dangerous vulnerabilities. It induces security with the advanced SQL and XSS black box scanning. It automatically detects malware with the black box and grey box hacking techniques. Acunetix induces web application security by inbuilt management techniques.


  • Automatically scans malware
  • Highly detects malware
  • Vulnerability management
  • Integrate with issue trackers
  • Provides security scanning and testing tools


  • Standard – $ 4495
  • Enterprise – $6995
  • Enterprise plus – For 20 targets

10. Kaspersky

Regardless of the type of business, Kaspersky provides end to end security and shields all your data from cyber theft. You can run it online or on the cloud. It delivers a strategic approach and AI to secure the data.


Data is the asset for any business. Loss of data can lead to huge deprivation. Once the data is lost it gets difficult to compensate. Remember to back up your data and secure it with a software that can end to end encrypt your data.

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