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Top 10 Inbound Marketing Tools

Whether you’re running a small or large business, you require an inbound marketing tool. If you’re like many digital marketers then you could’ve known the importance of marketing tools. These powerful tools can help to every aspect to drive maximum traffic, visitors and conversions.

Inbound marketing strategy?

Inbound marketing is about providing solutions and opportunities for every business. It yields a positive impact on customers and your organization. Inbound marketing strategy includes various channels, content with media to attract users and prospects to your business.

Inbound is a powerful strategy of attracting, engaging and delighting users to expand your business. Ultimately, it can provide real values and trust among people. As soon as people landed on your website (home or landing page), your customer support team can engage with your users through conversational tools. It can be email or chat, instilling continued value as a user will be unaware about your products or services.

Following are top 10 inbound marketing tools for a small, medium and large business.

Google Analytics

If you’re planning to scale your business? Look no further than Google Analytics. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Google Analytics is a structured web analytical software powered by Google.

This powerful tool will display every detail about your

  • Website performance
  • Audience demographic
  • Primary and secondary keywords
  • Actions performed

Google Analytics is widely preferred analytical solution on the web. With SDK you can easily gather important information from iOS, Andriod app, called ‘Google Analytics for Mobile Apps”.

At the initial stage, provide your basic information about your website. After entering the details you will get a tracking coding on the screen. Now copy the code and paste it on your webpages. Therefore Google automatically identifies whenever a user visited your website. Within a fraction of minutes, you can view your site structure on the screen.

Serpstat Keyword tool

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in every business. The amazing tip for SEO is – White hat link building. Yes, this strategy is cost-effective and drive maximum revenue.

Podcast guest or guest blogging on a reputed podcast is a known secret. How much time do you spend on link building in a day? Almost 3 hours right. Don’t you think you’re spending maximum time on link building?

Here is an outstanding solution for you!!!

There are popular SEO tools like Ahrefs and Serpstat are available in the market. With this tool, you can get multiple links from established websites at a low price. On the other hand, there are few link building websites charge a huge amount per link.

  • Collect primary, secondary, negative keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Learn the true value of every keyword
  • Find keyword modifications and search suggestions to extend your semantic core
  • Collect long-tail keywords
  • Explore international data
  • Analyze and verify your webpages’ relevance
  • Verify keyword trends
  • Figure out which pages are occupying top results for a specific keyword


Mangools is an effective SEO software designed for powerful SEO workflow. You can obtain analysis about backlink, website, SERP and more. Also, keyword research and rank tracking are made even more flexible. 

  • Analyze the search results in any location
  • Bring your competitors under the spotlight
  • Boost it all with powerful backlinks

Finding the right keyword for your business may be a daunting task. Get started with a ‘seed keyword’. If you’re aware of seed keyword then enter competitors domain name. A list of keywords will be displayed on the screen. Now, evaluate the keywords with accurate search volume. Use the focused keywords in your website and PPC. Also, track your position on search engine with one key metric.

Mangools offers outstanding SEO packages like 

  • KWFinder – Keyword research
  • SERPChecker – SERP analysis
  • SERPWatcher – rank tracking
  • LinkMiner – backlink analysis
  • SiteProfiler – SEO metrics and insights

Pricing: Mangools basic plan starts at $29 per month.


Social media is a key marketing strategy for every business. As per reports over 3 billion people are using social platform around the globe. If you’re looking for perfect social media marketing tool then Hootsuite is great software for you. Get the in-depth analysis you can measure. Hootsuite will let you build effective workflows, scale and delivers demonstrable revenue.

Keeping social presence on point is difficult. With Hootsuite, you can be active 24/7 with automatic scheduling posts. You can schedule thousands of media post at once around various social accounts. Managing social content is flexible with pre-approved content. 

Social media platforms help

  • Interact with your customers
  • Promote your products or services
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost your sales
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Measure your social media results

Pricing: Hootsuite pro plan starts at $5.99 onwards.


Choosing an outstanding email marketing tool can be a pretty difficult task. Yet, many marketers want the common features: Easy-to-use, cost-effective tool that provides enhanced features to engage with business prospects and increase conversions.

ActiveCampaign is the best products among all email marketing tools. 

  • Email marketing: You can send attractive, customized and responsive emails within few minutes.
  • Marketing motorisation: Trigger customized email with respect to customer’s actions. Also, send effective automated follow-ups ease.
  • Sales and CRM: Your customer’s personal data is well organized. Sales automation can generate huge leads.
  • Messaging: Instant responding to customer’s behaviour. Also, boost call-to-action through messaging on the website.

ActiveCampaign offers

  • Send exactly what your potential customers require
  • Automation gives you back your time
  • Sales automation will help you to sell more
  • Message your clients or customers via email or SMS

With advanced reporting, you can easily track what’s working and not. Analyze and find multiple ways to drive traffic and revenue. Create target contents, group your contact by age and location through advanced segmentation tools.

Pricing: ActiveCampaign Lite starting from $9 per month onwards.


Perfect visual design software can effectively modernize the overall work process. The graphic design tool will assist you to design a post in a smart way. When you’re investing more time and energy while designing an eye-catching design for your customer, you need to opt for the graphic designer tool.

Have you ever heard about the name ‘Canva’? Many times right. Canva is a free software used for creating outstanding designs, brochures, logos, wedding invitations and more. A graphic designer can make the most with the canva. Since the tool offers with a structured and specialized layout to create striking visuals all the time.

Amazing features of canva:

  • Layouts for every occasion
  • Stock images and illustration social media graphics
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Custom templates
  • Effectively organize images into folders
  • Stock vectors & photographs
  • Icons, shapes & elements
  • Various document types
  • Graphs, mind maps, charts, & diagrams
  • Collaborate with partners
  • Blog and website posts
  • Cards, invitations, business cards
  • Snapchat geo-filter templates
  • Share through SMS, email, messaging apps
  • Publish for web & print

Pricing: Canva basic plan starts at $12.95 onwards.


Looking for an all-in-one marketing tool for your business? MailChimp is the right option for you. This tool comprises every marketing needs under one roof. It gathers customer’s information, marketing channels, analysis and insights. Thereby you can promote your business across through email, social media, postcards, etc. 

The amazing CRM tool will help you to gather important data about your customers. When you know completely about your audience, you can market your product in a smarter way. Then turn that information towards your business activities. Start building your campaign within few simple clicks. At MailChimp free templates are available. Create an amazing campaign easily.

Features of Mailchimp

  • Readymade campaign templates
  • Product recommendations
  • Merge tags
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Distribution by time zone
  • Comparative data report
  • Campaign sharing on social media

Pricing: Mailchimp premium plan starts at $299 onwards.


The world of the internet is converting impossible things into reality. Before the existence of the internet, nobody has imagined that people around the globe could view and talk to each other at the same time. Though there are hundreds of webinar software available in the market, ClickMeeting is the best platform for every business.

Webinars is a kind of video conference software that provides an opportunity to connect with people by sharing a video at their current location. Webinar marketing is an imperative strategy for B2C and B2B companies. With webinars, you can build a strong relationship with customers and clients.

ClickMeeting software will help you to accomplish business objectives for sales, marketing, e-learning, enterprise and more. Also, connect this tool with your lovable apps (YouTube, Twitter, Slack and Facebook).

Pricing: ClickMeeting MyWebinars basic plan starts at $25 onwards.


Knowing about your customers is important to run your business successful. But how? By conducting a survey you can identify the preferences and requirements from your customers. Understand and implement according to customers choice and drive maximum leads.

SurveyMonkey is one an outstanding survey tool for a small and large business. The tool serves over 45 million happy customers around the globe. Also, SurveyMonkey offers a questionnaire building solution and analysis software. 

  • Create and send surveys
  • Empowers your business with high security
  • Brings survey analysis and insights into your apps
  • Gathers survey feedback from the global customer panel
  • Understand and improve user experience
  • Build marketing content from existing feedback
  • Easily collect, review and manage audience application

SurveyMonkey offers an extensive range of survey types. It includes customer satisfaction, healthcare, market research, event planning, meeting and more.

Pricing: SurveyMonkey basic plan starts at $25 per month.


Testing a product before launching it to the market is important. Optimizely is a leading experimentation solution. It highly empowers product development team to test, learn and deploy amazing digital experience. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use this software.

There might be few customers who are passionated towards your brand, product or services. Enable their ideas, choice and preference for a culture of innovation. Also, capture and manage every digital innovation around the business. It can dramatically improvise your ROI of landing pages and increases overall conversions. Testing headlines, images, videos, call-to-actions and graphics is easy.

Pricing: Optimizely basic plan starts at $89 per month.

Final Thoughts

Thinking to achieve your business goals fasters? It can happen with the right digital marketing tool. Don’t you agree? Yes. Nowadays there are tons of marketing tools available in the market. Therefore it’s a daunting task to know how and where to start. Also, requires a lot of money and time whenever you adopt a new marketing tool. Choosing the wrong software and then switching to another tool can be a hassle. Follow the mentioned inbound marketing tools and watch out success. Once you understand the best digital marketing tool for your business, it’s the right time to embed them to work for your business.

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