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Manage your accounting Sage 50cloud Accounts –desktop software with cloud connectivity

How important finances are to your business? You could say it is the heart of your business, right? Any business, be it large or small finances play a major role. Ask a lay man, he would say it is the lifeline of your business. Finance can make or break an organisation. With changing times businesses are also changing. Businesses are using online tools to maintain books of accounting. 

Digitalisation has transformed every industry and made the work easy. There are many problems while handling your books of accounts manually such as the threat of misplacing them, theft, etc. However, using accounting applications such as Sage 50cloud Accounts, you can say goodbye to all your worries.

Accounting is not easy, you must keep a check of your income, expenses, create all the statements, generate invoices, budgeting, taxes and more. Large organisations have both money and personnel, who could finish the tasks on time. But what about small and medium businesses that run with a tight budget? These small businesses mostly manage their accounts on their own, without anyone’s help. Finances are highly important for such companies as all their future plans depend on it. If you’re also one of such organisations, then Sage 50cloud Accounts is perfect for you.

Wondering, why Sage 50cloudAccounts is a perfect choice? 
Sage 50cloud Accounts is an online accounting solution for medium and small size businesses. It provides users with a wide range of features that make managing accounts easy. With this application, you can keep track of your finances and never get late payments again. What makes this application the best in the market is, it provides users with the best of both worlds. Wondering how? This platform is a desktop application, but you can cloud-connect it and store all your data. Your small businesses accounting can now be done your way. Cloud-connect allows you to work from anywhere at any time. You can work from your office desktop or from your laptop at the comfort of your home. Sage 50cloud Accounts gives you the option to work from wherever you want. 


No more late payments

Any business knows the importance of e-payments. Over the past few years, a lot has changed in terms of payment methods. From debit cards to online bank applications, it has come a long way. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors then you must be up-to-date regarding all the new trends. Sage 50cloud Accounts will improve your cashflow with its credit card processing. It makes it easy for customers to make online payments. You can also send your customers reminder emails with pay now button. Sage 50cloud Accounts makes sure that you get paid faster. Cash keeps flowing into your organisation with instant collections and you never have to worry about late payments again.

Dashboard & Reports

What if you have a dashboard where you can track all your files or activities? Sounds cool, right? Sage 50cloud Accounts gives you access to a real-time dashboard. It also provides you with pre-built reports that allow you to stay at the top of all the happenings of your business. This software uses advanced intelligence to create custom excel reports using real-time Sage 50cloud Accounts data. All these reports will save both your time, effort and lastly, assist you in making better decisions and driving your business towards success.

Say “No” to manual work

Matching transactions and reconciling bank accounts takes both time and effort. What if your bank reconciliation is done within minutes? It would save a lot of time and you could invest that time in improving your business. Don’t you agree? With Sage 50cloud Accounts you can finish bank reconciliation within minutes, eliminating manual work. All you have to do is import your bank feeds, Sage 50cloud Accounts will automatically handle the rest by reconciling matching the transactions.

Remote Access

How great would it be to access your financials from anywhere at any time? With Sage 50cloud Accounts, you can now take your office with you. Simply put, you can access your financials from anywhere and work remotely. Integration with Office 365 provides you with mobile functionality and access to dashboards, contacts and reports. 


You can store sensitive data, it is important to keep it safe from any disasters and breaches. With Sage 50cloud Accounts you can be assured that your sensitive data is kept safe. It provides users with bank-level online security. You can set privileges so that your employees can only access information that is truly needed. 


Sage 50cloud Accounts provides you with add-ons that allow you to customize your solution. It has add-ons such as Microsoft 365, e-Filing, On-demand Training, Direct deposit and Payroll tax tables. Microsoft 365 allows you to access all the apps in the Microsoft suite. e-Filing allows you to submit your tax returns electronically. It ensures that you file your returns on time and comply with the law. On-demand training provides you with Sage university’s online learning curriculum that allows you to learn. With direct deposits, you can protect your employee and business data from getting stolen. Not only that you can also eliminate lost paychecks too. Payroll tax tables will ensure that all your employee withholding are compliant with the law and up-to-date. 


Sage 50cloud Accounts is providing users with a trial test drive and product demo. You can understand how Sage 50cloud Accounts works with a sample data environment. The product demo will give a recorded walkthrough of the product functions, features and integrations. Sage 50cloud Accounts accounting provides you with a dashboard that consists of different options such as Business status, Customer & Sales, Vendors & Purchases, Inventory & services, Employees & Payroll, Banking, Payment centre, Cloud & Mobile, System. This accounting application is not much different from QuickBooks, the icons in the dashboard makes it easy for users to understand where they want to navigate. If you want to get the feel of this application before purchasing it then this test-drive is perfect for you.

Business status

It allows you to check account balances, revenue, details of customers who owe you and vendors to pay, aged payables and receivables. You can also find any report you’re looking for, all you have to do is select a category, report and add a description. You can either print the report or display it. 

Customers & sales

It displays all the information relating to accounts receivable. You can also maintain your prospects and add information about your new customers. View and edit your customers and contacts, set up customer defaults, etc. 

Vendors & payments

It displays information relating to all your purchase orders and payments you have to make to your suppliers. You can enter your purchase orders here. 

Inventory & Services

This is where you can set prices for the services and products. You can add new inventory item, set up inventory default view and edit inventory items, item sales history by customers. It even allows you to auto-create multiple purchase orders, view and edit purchase orders, and print them.

Employees & Payroll

You can record time and expenses. It allows you to add new employees, create a new weekly timesheet, view and edit time tickets, etc. You can also process your employee’s paycheck too.


Here you can analyze your cash flow, record bank deposits, set up budgets, write checks, account register, receive money, enter bills, pay bills, record bank deposits. You can even import your credit card transactions and bank accounts via bank feed for automatic reconciliation.

If you want to know what else Sage 50cloud Accounts offers then take the test drive or product demo to understand more about its features.


Customer management integrates with office 365, comprehensive version, data backup’s, share data with CPA, pay & get paid, purchase orders, phone/chat support, automated bank feeds, etc all these features are included in all the product versions.

  • Pro Accounting- $299.95/yr
  • Premium Accounting- $469.95/yr
  • Quantum Accounting- Price based on customization.


If you’re running a small business and looking for robust functionality that could make managing your accounts easy, then Sage 50cloud Accounts is perfect for you. This software can be installed in your desktop along with cloud-connection. You can now carry your office with you and work remotely by unlocking the mobile functionality. You no longer have to worry about managing your accounts again, as you can manage it from anywhere at any time.

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