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How to Find Your Lost Mobile Using “Google”

You’re travelling on a bus. You have a habit of listening to music while travelling. Searching for your mobile in the bag. Couldn’t find it. You got panic!!! Looks like you get a mini heart attack.

Losing your mobile can be the scariest thing that could ever happen. Because cell phones have become an important thing for everyone around the globe. With a smartphone, you can stay in touch with your dear ones. Also access to messages, email, multimedia files and more. In today’s digital era, a mobile phone is used to communicate with friends and family members. Also, it is used to store data, capture pictures and share files.

Thanks to advanced technology!!! There are numerous ways to find your mobile phone. The common approach used by most people is ‘Google’. Yes, you’ve heard it right.

It’s now pretty much easier to find your mobile phone with the help of Google. It’s essential to sign-in to all Google accounts. Make sure your GPS is turned on and have a good internet connection. Once you’ve checked all these requirements on your mobile phone, you can easily find out your lost mobile phone no matter where it is.

Recover your lost mobile using desktop

You can recover your lost mobile phone from a smartphone and desktop as well.

If you’re planning to recover your mobile using a desktop, follow the below procedure

  1. First step: Login to your registered Gmail account
  2. Second step: Go to the homepage, click on your profile setting in the top right corner.
  3. Third step: Tap on Google account and head to a security setting on the left side.
  4. Fourth step: Now, under ‘Your devices’, there is an option called “find a lost/stolen phone”.
  5. Fifth step: Select your device from multiple options.
  6. Sixth step: Verify your authentication by entering your Gmail password.

Recover your lost mobile using a smartphone

If you’re recovering your phone through mobile, follow the below steps

  • First step: Open Gmail application in your mobile.
  • Second step: Select ‘manage your Google account’.
  • Third step: Head over to your account setting and click on security.
  • Fourth step: Go to “your device” and select your device from the options.
  • Fifth step: Tap on “find a lost or stolen phone”.
  • Sixth step: Choose your device. Enter your Gmail password for verification.

A pop-up box will appear if the entered password is correct. Now, an icon will appear in a grey colour depending upon the location of your mobile.

If the icon appears in green, then your mobile phone is in the current location. Now click on the green icon, it will redirect to your Google map and provide the coordinates to find your smartphone.

When you’re near to your device location, select on ‘play sound post’. This will enable Google to ring your mobile for every 5 minutes, even if your device is on silent mode.


You can lock your device as well. Enter your password or PIN. If your mobile doesn’t have a lock, set now. If you want to help someone to return your mobile to you, then you can send a message or contact no. to the lock screen.


If you’ve personal information on your device and don’t want anybody to access it. Then erase the data permanently. If you get your device after deleting the information, you need to sign in to your Google account to access them again.

Final thoughts

A mobile phone is playing a vital role in everyone’s lives. What if you’ve lost your mobile phone? Stop worrying and take the help of Google and find your mobile phone within few simple steps.

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