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How to Combine Facebook Ads and Email Marketing for Better Conversions

Businesses and most of the marketing agencies use social media to produce exceptional conversions. Social media is not about frequently posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but it is a marketing platform that is used to drive leads. 

Facebook is not a single marketing platform. It is associated with different marketing channels like emails marketing. When integrated with the email marketing it generates, even more, best results. 

Most of the business consider email marketing as a lucrative marketing tool to drive ROI and generate high traffic when performed with a strategy. It is a way of connecting the audience in a personalized way to induce brand awareness. You can convey your marketing message in the appropriate customer timings. 

Why Facebook and email marketing?

Facebook and email marketing are the best combinations to drive quality leads and converts leads into actual paying customers. Moreover, they drag the intended audiences to your business.

It is pretty much easier to contact a customer and get their email address through social media. You can reach audiences again and again without having to spend on ads every time you want to reach your customers. 

Building a connection through social media and email connections are interrelated to each other. They both tend to work for each other. End of the day, all you need is to drive leads and generate sales. Manage your ads by using email connections in order to deliver high-grade facebook targeting. 

Wondering, how to combine these and diversify your conversions?

Get started by uploading your email list to your Facebook and make sure your ads are visible to the audiences who are interested in your content.

Here’s how you can upload your email list to Facebook,

  • Go to the audience section and create an audience
  • Select custom audience 
  • From the custom audiences, you can segment your audiences
  • Select customer file and migrate the list as CSV file
  • Create custom audience CSV
  • For email targeting, create a custom audience and you will find your email list there

Furthermore, you can also segment your audience based on their position in the funnel.

Separate your email list into two categories, “Leads and customers”. By segmenting the list you can also segment your ads. You can display two separate ads for your new as well as existing customers. 

 Integrating Facebook and email marketing

Besides uploading an email list to Facebook there are other tactics to reach the audiences and make most of the facebook and email marketing.

  • Leverage on a lookalike audience

Create a lookalike audience. A look-alike audience is a group of people with similar qualities of your targeted audiences. When you upload the list into facebook you get a list of the audiences who are similar to your existing audiences. Now, you have a list of a whole new audience who are ready to convert. 

Look a like audience is another great way of generating emails who can be your potential customers.

  • Do you want to set up your Lookalike audiences?

As mentioned above, upload a CSV file in the custom audience section

Facebook will then display the audiences who are similar to your targeted audience in your email list and uses these audiences to produce an ad.

Next, select “create lookalike audience” but to create you need to provide a source and it can be your email list. Additionally, add demographics and the percentage of the location that you want to target.

Stay on the top

 Do you think that your audiences are going to use the same device to surf social media? No, right. So, it important for you to make sure that the campaigns are compatible with all the devices and channels.

The combination of email marketing and Facebook ads will help you target most of the customers and share vast content. When Facebook and email marketing are used together it is more likely that 22% of the customers are going to make a purchase. 


According to your business goals, you can customize your audience data. You can create the data by contacting your customer through ads in the news feed and extended email reach. You can also build the data through lookalike audience.

A CRM database can help you target customers by, 

  • Activating the CRM channel to reach valuable customers 
  • Organize the messages in other channels to build a consistent user experience
  • Use current marketing database to generate new customers

Design a landing page

A landing page is another way to bring up conversions and generate leads. For this to happen you need an enticing landing page to both your email marketing and Facebook. Use facebook campaigns to promote your landing page.

Design a landing page in such a way that it urges your audience to take action. Embed elements like,

  • High-quality CTA
  • Add options
  • Value propositions
  • Direct the audience to specific platforms
  • Mobile friendly elements
  • Your campaign landing pages must help a customer in their decision making the process.


The perfect blend of email and Facebook marketing is an enticing process because it will increase the visibility thereby boosting the sales. It will also drive traffic to your website. An alluring landing page for both ad campaigns and emails can get you fruitful results.

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