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Best 9 Tips to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

As a business entrepreneur, you always look for unique ways to promote your product or services. You’ve developed an amazing product. Started promoting your product on a various social media platform. Additionally started blogging and spend huge time on SEO.

Though you’ve implemented every strategy to grow your business. Sometimes, you fail to reach your business goals.

You might be tired of trying every strategy!!!

Stop worrying, have you implemented ‘SMS marketing’ to promote your products. If your answer is NO. Then it’s the right time to launch an effective SMS campaign to generate maximum ROI. SMS marketing is also called as “Text Message Marketing”.

As per recent reports, 92% of text messages are read within 2 minutes of being received. Do you know over 360 billion SMS are being sent around the globe mobile networks every month? Yes, it’s true. Hence SMS is a powerful marketing strategy that will assure that your SMS is reaching your potential customers.

A mobile phone is a fundamental means of communication in several ways like:

  • Calling your friends or family members
  • Surfing for information
  • Watching movies
  • Conversation with friends
  • Shopping online
  • Playing favourite games

If you’ve decided for opting for SMS marketing for your business, then ask yourself

  1. Why do you want to run?
  2. How can an SMS campaign be a benefit for your company?
  3. Do you’ve customer’s mobile numbers to text?
  4. What activity should an ideal customer take after receiving a text from you?
  5. How can the company objectives be measured?

Start answering yourself and get a clear picture of your SMS marketing campaign. Take a long breath and get started with text campaign marketing. As a result watch-out huge traffic, maximum sales and ROI.

Following are handpicked tips to run a successful SMS marketing campaign for every business.

Define your goal

Defining a set of goals is the key to development and business success. There is a popular quote “Goals create a road map for success”. Every business owner accompanies this motivational quote. Before getting started, write your goals on a notepad. This can help you track everything. Keep a note – what you’re doing, what are the changed you’ve done and more.

Set a perfect goal for your business

  • More leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate maximum leads
  • Huge traffic
  • More registrations
  • Maximum click

At the initial stage, select your business goal. Because it’s a foundation for a successful SMS marketing campaign. As a result, it will help to plan and execute it effectively.

Choose the right SMS marketing platform

Can you send 1000 messages within seconds? Impossible right. This can happen with SMS providers. Sending bulk SMS services provider organization to reach the large customer within a few seconds. Ultimately, you don’t face any limitation on performance. Whether you’re running a small company to reach ideal customers or planning to expand your business, SMS marketing platforms is a great choice for you. With these tools, you can send messages, new product launch alerts, updates and more.

Every marketing platform has unique features. Therefore analyze each tool and pick the right software that fits for your business.

Ask for permission 

Do you have signup or subscribe features on your website? If no, then create a signup form now. If a customer satisfied with your product or service, then that person will definitely get subscribes. Sending text messages to unsubscribe members can be against the law. It may look like you’re sending spammy messages and makes your business look bad.

There are few ways for sign-up:

  • Allowing a registration form to fill the details
  • Want to know about the latest offers and discounts? Text “SIGNUP” to 12345 and get SMS alerts
  • Want to stop the updates? Text “STOP” to 12345

Along with asking them permission, explain “how to sign-up” in a detailed way. Additionally, mention the registration procedure with screenshots.

Include call-to-action

A CTA is a word or phrase meant to encourage the user to perform the desired action. CTA is used around various industries, particularly in e-commerce and marketing.

Have you ever encountered a call-to-action button while browsing an e-commerce website? Many times right. Most commonly used CTA are

  • Buy Now
  • Shop Now
  • Download
  • See More
  • Register Here
  • Learn More
  • Visit us
  • Call us

While creating a CTA button, keep it simple. Because everyone should understand. Whether a person is an existing or new user, when receiving the SMS they should know ‘what’s their next step and what action needs to be performed’.

Keep the text clear, short and sweet

You’ve received a message with 100 words. Will you spend time on reading that message? The chances can be pretty less. Because nobody will be interested to read a lengthy message. Sometimes, if a text is too long, that message can be delivered two times. That might be an irritating moment, right? Yes. For this reason, the best practice to keep your message short, simple and on-point.

Convey your message within 160 characters. Don’t encourage open-ended SMS during text message campaign. Think in the point of the customer, always provide complete information about the offer.

If you’re running an ‘end of season sale’, then don’t forget to include the date and time of the sale. By providing complete details, users will be even more interested to shop with you.

Request for feedback

Customer feedback is important for every business. Knowing how your ideal customers feel about your products or service can help in improving.

However, getting a customer’s feedback can be challenging. SMS is a powerful approach to get a potential customer’s review. Because text message provides convenience, fast delivery and a personal touch.

Create an effective customer survey:

  • Do preliminary research
  • Draft your questions
  • Offer an incentive for completing the survey
  • Set up your survey

Sending a survey through SMS can develop trust with customers. Keep a note on every customer feedback. Make sure your customers don’t face the same issues again.

Maintain the right time

It may sound stupid, there are few marketers who do mistake while sending a marketing message. They don’t maintain the right time. Sending promotional message early in the morning and late-night can be a bad idea. Do you like to read an offer message early morning? Absolutely no right. Hence, keep track while sending a message to your customers. Whenever you get maximum traffic or conversion on a specific time. Follow the time whenever you schedule or send a promotional message.

Start the text with an amazing offer

Your customer will always expect a great discount from you. Create an offer that your customer will never resist the offer. Encourage the audience to know about your sale, shop or email you. Whenever you’re creating an SMS, start the text with offer like

  • Flat 80% OFF on Everything
  • Buy 1 & Get 1 Free

If you want to create an effective SMS marketing campaign, offer something exclusive. Make your customer feel they’re special. If an offer is valid for everyone, then redeeming that specific sale will be less attractive.

Start offering exclusive and attract your customer like Flat 75% OFF + Extra 20% OFF for Existing Users.

Don’t forget to mention your brand name

When you receive an SMS from an unknown person, will you get respond? No right. You simply ignore the message. Neither customer nor you will be interested to read spam content.

Therefore always include your brand name while sending a promotional message. It will ensure that your customer will understand where the SMS is from.


Though you’ve email marketing and social media customer engagement covered. You might be leaving out an effective strategy for sharing messages with your business prospects and clients. That process is “SMS Marketing”. Emails can be unread for month or years. Calls can go ignored or unanswered, but SMS is mostly read after they’re received. Follow the mentioned tactics and create interaction with your customers and generate maximum traffic and leads.

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