How To Use USB Pendrive As RAM In Windows XP

by Sai Krishna on May 4, 2012

You are able to use your USB Flash Drive (Pen Drive) as RAM in your Windows XP OS Computer . It help’s you to improve your  Computer Performance , Speed.Are you struggling with low speed , poor performance computer ? Low speed means low capacity RAM . It means you need to upgrade your RAM capacity to speed up your Computer .  You don’t have enough budget to buy high capacity ram ? no problem , i found a new solution to your problem .

In these days everybody have their own personal USB Flash drives also called as Pen Drive .  I’m expecting  you already have a USB pen drive , now let’s read below explanation to learn “How To Use Your Pendrive As RAM” to speed up your computer .

Requirements : 

  • Windows XP OS (service pack 2)
  • Working USB Port
  • 2GB USB Pen Drive
  • 5 Minutes free time :)

Tutorial :

Actually its really dead easy to do , just its take 2-3 minutes time only . First of all insert your USB Pendrive to your PC USB Port , I will recommend to use back port for this task . Before going to the next step make sure that USB pen drive is  connected and working fine.

Step 1 :  Go to Start Menu > My Computer now right click on it  ,  select properties option .  Now you will see the proprieties window on your desktop .

Step 2 : In properties box go to Advanced Tab > Settings Of Performance Section . Now a new pop up window will be open named as ” Performance Options ” .

Step 3 : In Performance Options Box go to  Advanced Tab >Now  click on “Change” Button that appears on virtual memory section . Again a new box will be open named as ” Virtual Memory ” .

Step 4 : you will get details of your virtual memory in this box , in this box you need to select and set your USB Flash drive as Virtual memory .

Select USB Flash Drive > Click on custom size > give free space values as you want that available in your USB drive . Now click on “Set ” then Apply your Settings .

Its time to reboot your system , kindly re-start your computer now . Now you will notice the change in speed and performance of your computer .

 Note: Make sure your pendrive always connected to your computer USB port .

Confused on any step ? don’t worry , just watch below video to learn and done this task in few seconds only.

Thanks for reading & watching , kindly please let me know if you seen any mistakes, wrong steps in above tutorial .

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