How To Use USB Pendrive As RAM In Windows XP

You are able to use your USB Flash Drive (Pen Drive) as RAM in your Windows XP OS Computer . It help’s you to improve your  Computer Performance , Speed.Are you struggling with low speed , poor performance computer ? Low speed means low capacity RAM . It means you need to upgrade your RAM capacity to speed up your Computer .  You don’t have enough budget to buy high capacity ram ? no problem , i found a new solution to your problem .

In these days everybody have their own personal USB Flash drives also called as Pen Drive .  I’m expecting  you already have a USB pen drive , now let’s read below explanation to learn “How To Use Your Pendrive As RAM” to speed up your computer .

Requirements : 

  • Windows XP OS (service pack 2)
  • Working USB Port
  • 2GB USB Pen Drive
  • 5 Minutes free time :)

Tutorial :

Actually its really dead easy to do , just its take 2-3 minutes time only . First of all insert your USB Pendrive to your PC USB Port , I will recommend to use back port for this task . Before going to the next step make sure that USB pen drive is  connected and working fine.

Step 1 :  Go to Start Menu > My Computer now right click on it  ,  select properties option .  Now you will see the proprieties window on your desktop .

Step 2 : In properties box go to Advanced Tab > Settings Of Performance Section . Now a new pop up window will be open named as ” Performance Options ” .

Step 3 : In Performance Options Box go to  Advanced Tab >Now  click on “Change” Button that appears on virtual memory section . Again a new box will be open named as ” Virtual Memory ” .

Step 4 : you will get details of your virtual memory in this box , in this box you need to select and set your USB Flash drive as Virtual memory .

Select USB Flash Drive > Click on custom size > give free space values as you want that available in your USB drive . Now click on “Set ” then Apply your Settings .

Its time to reboot your system , kindly re-start your computer now . Now you will notice the change in speed and performance of your computer .

 Note: Make sure your pendrive always connected to your computer USB port .

Confused on any step ? don’t worry , just watch below video to learn and done this task in few seconds only.

Thanks for reading & watching , kindly please let me know if you seen any mistakes, wrong steps in above tutorial .


  1. Kishore says

    i Am not sure if this works. If you have hard disk space then you can try with that also and check.I tried no noticeable changes observed in my system

    • Sai krishna says

      I think its working fine ! because I noticed change in speed of my PC after applying this tutorial .

    • Sai krishna says

      May be i think almost same type of settings available on windows 7 also. Check in your windows 7 OS and tell me If you found .

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