Top 5 Best Ultimate Smartphones

5 Best Smartphones – With the rise in technology and the invention of smartphones, everybody now wants a smarter communicating device. All these mobile companies have gotten down and dirty in the competition to come up with the best possible smartphone in the best possible price. This is a win-win situation for the consumers as they have a wide variety of smartphones to choose from, however the decision can be quiet tasking as these smartphones excel from each other in every arena, one has best resolution, other one might have a kickass processor, some other phone might have really good internet connectivity. I will tell you more about some smartphones which have carved the top notch niche for themselves in the whole market of these high end communication devices.

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx


Motorola has been known as a brand to come up with some uber stylish looking phones with fair performance levels. This phone from Motorola has broken all myths that smartphone have lower than average battery life. This phone is the correct choice for you if you are not a big fan of the Ice Cream Sandwich and have enormously big palms as this is one large and stinking stylish smartphone with a marathon battery life.

HTC Rezound

If you are driven by the adrenaline rush and make a powerful statement with your style then this phone is the best which will suit your personality. The phone has a pretty heavy make, the signature style of HTC and admirable multimedia features. So look and performance wise, this phone from HTC has scored a near perfect score in my score card.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

This super smartphone from the current leader of smart phone manufacturer has gone a step ahead with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The attractive looks and the features have enhanced the phone in the ‘to die for’ smartphones’ list. However this phone might run a risk of getting obsolete with newer versions of the same phone with better operating system, but even then this phone has some incredible features and dashing looks and is a fair deal for a killer looking smartphone.

Apple iPhone 4S

Even if this phone is not officially declare to be one, it is still considered to be royalty, with time iphones have evolved to become status symbols. iphones are known for their killing looks and out of the world performance, these phones have some innovative apps which are proprietary of the fruit company’s. Iphones are sleek looking and have superb features which enable some out of the world performance, making these smartphones from the premier smartphone company very much desirable.

Samsung Galaxy Note

This incredible invention from Samsung has set a whole new level of excellence for smartphones. This phone is hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet and the first one to do so. This phone spells class and style and has amazing performance, given the high end features.

Companies say, we have much more exciting phones to be released in the later days. So we can expect the next generation of smartphones in the coming years. The Apple iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Intel Powered Smart-Phone from Lenovo and many more; I’m sure it’s going to be a great year for smartphone lovers.

Which smartphone among these take your vote? None? What is your favourite smartphone then?



  1. Amit Shaw says

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I will go with Nexus because next month i am going to buy this phone.
    BTW Thanks for this list Koundeenya and you should include Samsung Galaxy S3.

  2. Plaban says

    All recent smartphones has insufficient battery life. So I like the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx most for it’s amazing 3300 mAh battery.

  3. Ajay says

    Well you should have included Galaxy S2 in your list, it is a beast.
    And HTC rezound looks cool. What is its cost ?

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