1. MyPdv

    DropBox is one the best site, another service Mypdv.com is the simplest and very useful one for storing huge data and also can access it from anywhere.

  2. saha

    Data backup and security of that data is very important. And cloud storage provide both of these. Very useful list of 5 free cloud storage service providers. For me Dropbox is best. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Alex

      Dropbox is not security. Dropbox can scan or access any file stored on their server. SurDoc has more security, and one fifth pricing

  3. alpha

    Nice post really helpful for many people, I was looking for this information for a long time please keep writng articles like this.

  4. Mark

    I love DropBox, but I also use SugarSync. It has a very professional webpage and integrates well into windows and Android. They offer 5G free storage space to start out, with the ability to earn more free space, similar to what DropBox does.

  5. erte

    What d hell is famouse! nd u forgot to mention ubuntu one, or may b u didn’t know.. well ny way Ubuntu One is a great personal cloud service..

  6. Sai Kiran

    Adrive offers 50Gb free online storage. People who are worried about security and want cloud storage must have a look at https://pogoplug.com/ where u have complete control and ur data is nowhere but at your home :) its great for those who can afford few extra bugs for the sake of security :)

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