Top 5 Best Free Cloud Storage Service Providers

Cloud cloud cloud, Cloud storage everywhere! People are talking about this everywhere. That’s why we came up with this amazing post.  We are going to cover a bunch of informative posts on cloud storage topic in this blog, so stick to our cloud category for more information.

If you don’t know about cloud storage, then definitely you are missing so much! and people say you are outdated. If you want to know about it in-depth, then check this wikipedia page which covers almost everything detailed about this cloud era. From its starting history to till its present uses.


While I was browsing my facebook news feed, I saw most of the people were asking about best cloud storage providers in groups. That’s how this post idea came up into my mind. Why to waste lot of time to do research and select a best service? I did that research for you, and here is the result.

As we store very important data in cloud, its essential to select a most secured and powerful cloud storage provider who can be trusted. We put lot of efforts to take user reviews and finally selected the below five companies as best cloud storage providers in this field. You can refer to our list and choose one for your storing purpose.

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Top 5 Free “Cloud Storage Service” Providers List


1) Just Cloud


Just Cloud is a fairly new cloud backup product, but has quickly pushed its way to the top of the pile. Offering free cloud storage across a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android makes Just Cloud our number 1 cloud backup provider. Make sure you keep your important files safe with Just Cloud and forget about ever losing data again.

Link: JustCloud

2) Drop box

DropboxYou might have already heard about this, the famous among all services, the drop box which is very familiar to geeks and website owners. They use it frequently and most people say this is very convenient and secured service available presently. They give around 5 GB for free, do check their features here


3) Box

Box is second most used free cloud storage portal, I’m also using it to upload some themes and articles. You can use this for free, Why late ? just open an account there.

Link : BOX

4) Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is  one of the biggest trusted online shopping portal, now its offering cloud storage service also. You can upload 5 GB of date in cloud drive. you can use this service to store your digital content that purchased on Amazon , Kindle Fire etc.


5) Windows Sky Drive

This is last (but not least) cloud storage service provider in this list. Windows Sky Drive is a dynamic service from a popular company called as Micro Soft . Its offering 5 GB of free storage for their users.

Link: Windows Sky Drive

Newly Added: Google Drive, Yeah now google also put the leg in competition.

This isn’t over yet, We’ll keep searching for more secured and better services, if possible, stay with us :) You can send us your response using below comments.


  1. MyPdv says

    DropBox is one the best site, another service is the simplest and very useful one for storing huge data and also can access it from anywhere.

  2. saha says

    Data backup and security of that data is very important. And cloud storage provide both of these. Very useful list of 5 free cloud storage service providers. For me Dropbox is best. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Alex says

      Dropbox is not security. Dropbox can scan or access any file stored on their server. SurDoc has more security, and one fifth pricing

  3. alpha says

    Nice post really helpful for many people, I was looking for this information for a long time please keep writng articles like this.

  4. Mark says

    I love DropBox, but I also use SugarSync. It has a very professional webpage and integrates well into windows and Android. They offer 5G free storage space to start out, with the ability to earn more free space, similar to what DropBox does.

  5. erte says

    What d hell is famouse! nd u forgot to mention ubuntu one, or may b u didn’t know.. well ny way Ubuntu One is a great personal cloud service..

  6. Sai Kiran says

    Adrive offers 50Gb free online storage. People who are worried about security and want cloud storage must have a look at where u have complete control and ur data is nowhere but at your home :) its great for those who can afford few extra bugs for the sake of security :)

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