New & Fresh Free Working Proxy Websites List – 2013

Need to use a proxy website in your computer? Here comes the list of great proxy websites available presently for personal use. We filtered these sites after a long browsing. I hope you guys like it and share this page with your friends. If you don’t know why to use a proxy website? just scroll down completely and read it clearly.

 Fresh Proxy Websites 2013 :

Why you need a proxy website? 

proxy websites list

In some private areas like Colleges, Offices, Schools etc. their server administrator will don’t allow you to access some websites like,, etc. as they like.

If you have any urgent work in Facebook? You can access it from that restricted computer without any permission from server administrator by taking help of any of above listed proxy websites.

Personally most of people use Proxy to open and browse their facebook account in offices, but there is some risk also packed with proxies. Some proxy sites may be trace your profile data or browsing data while you use that, so you should be careful and don’t open net banking accounts or primary accounts of you through proxies.

Exactly proxy means, you are opening a website from a third party computer, that’s it. Now think you have to use it or not. I recommend you to use trusted proxies only like hidemyass if you have any serious work to be finished though proxy.

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