Best Social Networking Apps for Your iPhone/Android Phone

Social Networking Apps became the unique mode of communication as much as possible to stay connected with the entire world. For that, demand for accessing the world of social networking has kept rising every day, particularly amongst the young generation. This is why they prefer social networking on mobile phones rather than the PC that keep them updated with their current status on their favorite social sites. One major benefit of social networking apps is that they are user friendly, which not only saves your time but also provides you seamless access to the networking sites. Isn’t it much easier visiting those sites anytime and anywhere on your iPhone or Android phone than logging onto the desktop every time you need to get updates from your friends?Listed below are some of the best social networking apps available now for an iPhone or Android phone.


You may find this location based social networking app quite handy that is specially designed for your android phone or iPhone. This helps you express your requirements and share details with others around you.

People staying within 5 mile radius near you can view you with this app and thus can get in touch with you.

So, if you want to reach out to people to share your thoughts and wishes with them, than this app will be the best to serve your purpose. Features:

• 3G or WiFi

• GPS to communicate with fellow users.

• Free and fun.

• Can connect up with the world around you and get more out of your life.

Download – iPhone | Android


Have you gotten frustrated using half-a dozen apps to keep updated with your friends on different social networks, all at the same time? Well, the new android and iPhone app Banjo is here to curtail these problems by offering an integrated streamlined service for all the social networks. Try this one-stop solution for updates from Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Key Features:

• Helps establish social connections in your locality.

• Connects your accounts on different social networks and alerts you about the location of your friend when he comes into your specified proximity. Such messages can be ignored simply by turning it off or putting a pause on it.

Download – iPhone | Android

Google + App for Mobile Phone

Mobile apps are quite essential for the ultimate social networking experience, and you can check what is happening on Facebook or Twitter most conveniently with a mobile app.

The new app from Google is available for Android phones and iPhone’s and iPod Touches that will make social networking easily accessible on these devices.

Key Features:

• Can be downloaded through iTunes.

• Or/ could be bought from the Android app store directly and sync into your mobile phone.

• Could avail it through a QR code provided by Google.

• Could invite friends for chatting with its instant messaging tool called “Huddle.”

Download – iPhone | Android is an app developed by the Uber Media which basically provides a combined platform for Twitter, Facebook and Reddit and allows users to get information about the things happening around the cyber world of their interest. Here, you can earn money by publishing posts called “chimes” that may include textual status updates, pictures, videos, links and polls and this can be done through the network’s advertising service or their own ad networks.

Download – iPhone | Android

What are your choice of phone apps for social networking on iPhone/Android devices? You can add your favorite ones in the comment section here.


  1. Olawale Daniel says

    Great list of the best and top social networking apps for apple iphone users. Thanks for sharing this post

  2. Raj says

    I wonder how this list is complete without Facebook & Twitter official apps when you list Google+ in the list…

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