How to Download Torrent Files with IDM Downloader

Many people like to download files from internet using IDM only, it is a best download manager available for geeks. In case if you don;t want to use torrent clients for downloading torrents, then here is a good news for you, in this post we explained how to run and download torrent files using Internet Download Manager. 

Torrents to IDM converter

Benefits with Internet Download Manager :

  1. IDM is the best download manager by which we can easily see increase in speed by about 4 times or even more.
  2. IDM comes with resume capability so downloading the big torrent files will not be any tough task.
  3. When we download torrent with IDM then we do no have to care for Seeders or Peerers as IDM will download torrent as a regular file.

This tutorial will explain you  how to use IDM to download torrents files. So here we go for …

How to Download Torrents  With IDM

1.  The first involves you to register on the site You can try your luck out there but at least in India there server is not responding. So the alternate way is to use another similar service which comes from the

2.  Just sign up there with required information, Registration process is completely free and easy to do.

3. Now go to any torrent search engine, and search for torrent you want and copy the link location of torrent.

4. Now paste the link in the upload field there and click on the GO button there.

5. Within some minutes (processing depends upon the size of torrent file) you will see the download option there on the right side of your torrent file.

6. Just click the download button and if you have set the IDM as default then you will be able to download the torrent with IDM easily, You can also copy the download link and paste it in the IDM.

You are done! this is how we download torrent data as a regular files in Internet download manager. So start downloading torrents with your favorite download manager IDM and that also at amazing speed.

And you have one unfinished task, i.e sharing this post.


  1. aatif says

    That mean i can download files from torrent using IDM !! My torrent speed is not good but IDM is so fast . Will try this . Thank you for sharing this tut with us

  2. deb says

    but i want to tell one thing that when i’m downloading anything with idm by this process, it has no resume capability…
    so big torrent have big problem to download with idm by this process…
    please help me…

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